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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jolene Redridge

Deed Name: Ironsights

Tribe: Black Furies

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Elder

Positions: Tribal Second of the Black Furies, Wyrmfoe of the Sept of the Seven Hills

Pack: Keep Your Kin

Sept: Sept of the Seven Hills

Notable Traits: Jolene can almost always be seen wearing a drab-olive green jacket, black shirt, jeans and combat boots. She has long grey hair, sometimes braided down one shoulder. Her jacket has a shoulderpiece made of feathers, turquoise leaves, bronze chains and a Pegasus pendant. Jolene is obviously elderly from her appearance, but when in combat her age disappears. She often carries a sniper rifle and a Fetish bow.


Jolene is a tough old wolf who has come out of retirement to devote her twilight years to fighting the Wyrm. Jolene was born to a matriarchically-based family of Cherokee kinfolk in northern Floyd County, who also took in foster children; she later joined the Army as a sniper and came home to become the first female officer/detective in the Floyd County Police Department. She doesn’t see it as a flaw, but Jolene has a strong tendency to take justice into her own hands if she is not satisfied with how others/systems deliver it; this is what forced her retirement from the police department.
Jolene had her first change in 1973 during a PTSD flashback that was triggered by her involvement in a police standoff with suspects who had taken hostages. After spending a few years with other Black Furies in the Appalachian Mountains, she returned to Rome to continue her work as a detective. In 2001, after the Red Star appeared, Jolene's pack added a final member and solidified themselves as a Wyrm-fighting rapid response team: The War Machine. They traveled wherever they were needed to fight agents of the Wyrm. This fight lasted until 2010, when the pack's good luck took a turn for the worst. In the span of one year, Jolene's pack-mates died one by one. The final casualty fell to the Wyrm, and danced the spiral. It was by Ironsights' hand that she was freed from the Wyrm and given back to the cycle. She had become The Last Survivor of the War Machine.
That year took an immeasurable toll on Jolene, and with the death of her final pack-mate, she feel deep into Harano. Ironsights removed herself from Gaian society and lived in her personal territory. She still did the work of Gaiains, as a Wolf's work is only done when they soul goes back into the cycle, but what she did do she did alone. Her Kinfolk and family helped keep her sane, but Harano had taken hold.
In 2017, however, the Spirits came calling for Jolene. Others were drawn to Rome, and they came together to form the Sept of the Seven Hills. In 2018 they acquired a Caern seed and were able to successfully plant it. Jolene is currently the Sept's Wyrmfoe, and thanks to a joyous moot she no longer feels the pull of Harano. Jolene now spends her days helping ready the younger Gaians for the battles to come, and works to advise her Sept, her Tribe and all others as a Crone who has come out on the other side of some of this life's worst circumstances. At age 71, Jolene knows that her life isn't the kind blessed by supernatural longevity. She knows that--like the world around her--she has her own personal doomsday clock ticking down the minutes until her time is over...and she'll take as many agents of the Wyrm down with her as she can.

Rank Challenges

  • Fostern Challenge, Iron Will (Stood vigil outside the cairn for 7 days and nights, beneath the full moon), December 1975
  • Adren Challenge, Hostage Situation (Led her pack to recover a lost fetish stolen by fomori), 1980
  • Athro Challenge, Dogfight (Traveled to all Septs that welcomed her in the Eastern US to fight Elders), 1990
  • Elder Challenge, All Fall Down (Led her Pack and two others to clean out a massive hive, with no friendly casualties), April 10, 2003

Quotes from Others


  • Jolene is older than she appears (by like centuries)
  • Jolene Is a Legend (Rank 6)

Character Soundtrack
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) - AWOLNATION
Hard Time - Seinabo Sey
Feathers - A Perfect Circle
Gone Away - Five Finger Death Punch
I Believe (Again) - Ra

OOC Information

Player: Jill Baldwin US2005116903

Player Email:

Storyteller: Joshua Graham

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Location: Rome/Cartersville, GA