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Rokea Symbol
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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jon "Swims the Past Forgotten" Lu

Notable Traits:
Mark of the Predator

Pack: Rising Tide

Sept: Sept of Relentless Pursuit


Jon Lu was born in late 1985 and lived with the few Stargazers in Bloomington, IN until the Caern fell. When all of the Stargazers died in Bloomington, he decided that he would push to try and cause his own change in order to fight back. This did not happen for some years. In this time he learned about the growing pollution and taint in the waters of Indiana and of the cave systems under southern Indiana that were not being protected at this time. He knew that there was most likely something down there and that maybe it may be causing some of the issues or possibly able to help fix them.

When he heard of people being bitten to force a change, he knew then that he was going to find a Rokea and strike up a deal. He figured a good place to start looking would be some place with access to the ocean. He started his travels down the east coast, tapping into any information that other kinfolk may have had along the way. He learned of a fierce, but honorable Rokea who lived in South Carolina and made his way to where people said that she often was. After looking for about a week he finally was able to locate Havelock and explained to her his situation. The decision was not reached immediately, but after some coaxing and willingness to learn, Lu was able to convince the mighty hammerhead. He stayed and trained with her for some time. He was not a very strong swimmer before being trained by her, an aspect that annoyed her a great deal. He would, however; dive head first into any situation that was presented to him dealing with fighting the Wyrm. He showed such vigor and remorseless strength during these battles that he quickly rose to Adren during this training period.

He returned to the Bloomington area in mid 2017 and found himself a secluded cabin on the lake. This allowed him to learn more about being a Rokea, as well as learning how to deal with his new anger without hurting anyone. It is late 2017 and Jon has decided that he is capable of maintaining himself around others again and has returned to the local garou of Bloomington, and has worked hard with the hopes that they will accept him back.

After joining the Pack of Rising Tide as alpha Jon Lu helped in the battle against the wyrm in Bloomington. In January the Sept of Relentless Pursuit formed with Jon Lu serving as Den Parent and Master of Challenges.

Allies, Friends, Acquaintances
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Who Dey
Amber "Sees Before Hindsight"
Emily Reynolds
Celeste Gibson

Danced the dance of the Sea to seduce the Queen of the Selkie.
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"He gets in a fight with some Fomori, and takes a big bite out of them. Then when he is done he runs off to hunt down and eat a bunch of turtles. What kind of weird reaction to a fight is that?" - Muertow

OOC Information

Player: James Aulby

Player Email: Deep Channels


Storyteller Email: VST IN-013-D Bloomington

Location: Bloomington, IN