Jonas Graves

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Jonas Graves
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Name:Jonas Graves
Covenant:Circle of the Crone
Sire:The Matriarch (NPC)
Birth Place:Salem,Massachusetts
Residence:Pioneer Commonwealth
Positions:Sheriff of The Pioneer Commonwealth, Respected Elder of the Circle of the Crone (Status 4), Respected Elder of the Nosferatu Clan (Status 4)
Childer:Arietta Musette Chanson & Abe Eklund
Grand Childer:Michael Thorne, Joan Mortenson (NPC-Deceased), Silvester Dwight (NPC-Deceased), Tristan Welch (NPC-Deceased)
Further Information

Jonas was born in 1658 in Salem Massachusetts. He grew up learning the ways of healing and medicine. He eventually became one of the town doctors. He married and had children. However with what all seemed typical was not so. He and his family were pagans in a time where being pagan was dangerous. His family was discovered and with his reputation of being a very good healer it was assumed he was a witch and his family were guilty be association.

The year he began his Requiem was 1697. His family was just executed for witchcraft while he was made to watch. In his anguish he called out and something in the darkness answered in the form of his sire A Circle of the Crone Nosferatu that is only known as The Matriarch. He vanished only to return sometime later as a creature of nightmare to get his revenge. He took it and since then preyed on those who oppressed others.

As the years turned to decades and the decades centuries he would find others to share the night with. The Soldier Abe Eklund, who would become a creature of great strength and while he would not share his Sire's believe in the Crone Jonas would come to rely on him as a companion through the years. Then the seemingly young at heart Arietta Musette Chanson. She who would become a Siren. A creature of the Sea whose pleasant smile hide a true visage of horror. He would lean on them to make sure he was in touch with time as it passed as well as rely on them to protect his haven as he slumbered in the early to mid 1900's.

He has made other allies throughout his travels but has recently decided to return to Massachusetts. While He is not near his home in Salem he has come to the Pioneer Commonwealth to see if he can be of assistance to an old friend.

  • "Jonas continues to be my solid ground on the shifting sands, I am simply glad he is back." -Collette Durand
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Notable Traits
  • Pale skin and jaundice.
  • Those around him will notice their shadows flicker like they would under candle light even when none are about. The smell of ash and burnt flesh follows him wherever he goes.

Known associates

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Out of Character

Theme Song

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Domain: Western Massachusetts
Player: Joe S. (US2017090023)
VST: Sunderlands Requiem VST