Jonas Wainwright

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Jonas "Asp" Wainwright

Notable Traits: Jonas is a wiry, small man, just over five feet tall. He keeps his head shaved and his body is covered in snake motif tattoos. He would be considered handsome by some standards with his dark green eyes and dusky skin but he emits a quiet aura of intimidation that many find off putting.

OOC Notable Traits Info: Social Focus: Appearance

Sept/Position/Status: Independent Alliance

Clan: Followers of Set

Cult: House of the Eclipse

Generation: Neonate

Lineage: House Busokaris

Common Knowledge:

Little is known of Jonas Wainwright outside of the Independent Alliance and his Clan. He is otherwise called "Asp" by those within House Busokaris. He is a social chameleon, very adaptive and fiercely devoted to his Clan and House. He speaks of Set with a passion and uses his skills to further the agenda of bringing others into the faith. He is an accomplished blood sorcerer and has been known to hire himself out to those in the Clan and the IA who might need his service. The consummate mercenary, Jonas holds loyalty to his Clan before all else but he is a right selfish bastard to those outside it. He travels extensively but keeps a small haven somewhere in South Georgia.


  • Jonas is a "character assassin" and uses his skills to destroy the enemies of the IA from within.
  • Jonas is not really a Setite but some sort of mummy who has been placed under the thrall of Sokar.
  • Jonas is rarely seen outside of his haven or on the road and is cursed to always keep traveling.

Associations/Character Ties

Sokar: Jonas is fiercely devoted to the vampire he sees as "the chosen of Set" and the future of the Clan. To Jonas, that future is very bright indeed.

OOC Information

Player: Chris McCoy (US2007111445)

Player Email:

Storyteller: Ed Seibert

Storyteller Email:

Location: Fort Myers, FL