Jonathan Casey

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Jonathan Casey
"Kill them with success, bury them with a smile."

General Information

Aliases: Casey

Position: Architect of Philadelphia

Clan: Ventrue

Social Standing: Enforcer , Preacher , Hardcore , Honorable

Lineage: "House Martel"

  • Ventru
    • Artemis Orthia


  • Open
    • Open

Known Timeline of Events

  • 1951 Jan - Born outside Philadelphia
  • 1960 Aug - Attended University of Pennsylvania
  • 1964 June - Graduated from University of Pennsylvania
  • 1973 May - Became a Ghoul
  • 1982 June - Embraced
  • 1982 July - Under the guidance and training of Sire and Surrogate instructor Dinah Rush
  • 1984 July - Accepted as a full member of the Camarilla
  • 1990 May - Had enough with the Camarilla and left to join the Anarch Movement
  • 2018 June - Returned to Philadelphia
  • 2018 Sept - Elected the Architect of Philadelphia

Known to the Anarch Movement

South Street.jpg

  • Owner and operator of the club, The Atrium on South Street, a communal safe haven for those willing to pay the cover charge.
  • Mr Casey has been proclaimed as the Steward of South Street a title some would claim was started by himself.
  • While he says he does not support his Camarilla brethren ideology he sure seems to act like them.
  • Every election for Baron of Philadelphia, Mr. Casey has put his own hat in the ring instead of backing another candidate.

Known to the Camarilla/Independents

  • Mr Casey is the Wayward Son of House Martel, a proud lineage of Ventrue in the Camarilla, but as with most youth it is said he is going though a rebellious "phase".

Known Business Associates and Acquaintances

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Rumors and Revelations


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Out of Character Information

Player: Mike Richards

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Storyteller: Connor McGinnis

Mr Casey's Soundtrack

Character Ties

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