Jonathan Church

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Public Information

Concept: Gnostic Mystic

Name: Jonathan Church

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Unaligned

Current Location: Seattle, WA

Notable Traits: Clearly on a Path

Blood Relatives


Sire: Javier Raymundo al-Herrera

Lineage: Ebi Okunkun

Relatives of Note:

Known History

Grandchilde of Etienne via the now-deceased Javier. He is very secretive about his origins and Embrace, trusting only Ezeazu with the details. Rumor is that he's ex-Sabbat "adopted" by Javier as he occasionally references events from prior to his ostensible Embrace and he's clearly on a Path.

OOC Information

Matthew S

Cam Number: US2002023076
Home Domain: Seattle, WA
ST Email: Seattle Cam/Anarch VST

Also player of:

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