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General Information

Name: Jonathan Lucas
Deed Name: Eyes of Altamaha-ha
Rank: In the Shallows (2)
Tribe: Rokea
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Darkwater
Camp: Betweener
Sept: Sept of the Crimson Rock

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Everybody Talks, Nobody Listens

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Lucas tooth.png Hails from a near extinct line of Native American Rokea kinfolk.
Lucas tooth.png Teaches the locals about protecting the rivers and oceans
Lucas tooth.png Destroyed a Pentex facility on his own.
Lucas tooth.png Defended the Sept during a massive bane escape.
Lucas tooth.png Is a serious shopper. Money flies.
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Lucas tooth.png "Saying 'send bird' does not get our Corax allies to help." - Jonathan to Alexi "Claws the Curtain", Silver Fang Adren Ahroun
Lucas tooth.png "He's a wonderful teacher. He has a passion that so few seem to have when educating." - Priscilla Lamnidae
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Allies and Friends

Lucas tooth.png Priscilla Lamnidae - Kadugo
Lucas tooth.png Name Here.

Diving Deep

Lucas tooth.png Born April 2nd, 1978 to a Creek father and Rokea mother.
Lucas tooth.png Mother was a Betweener, father was half Creek.
Lucas tooth.png Experienced his first change April 11th, 1990.
Lucas tooth.png Change was triggered by encounter with Pentex staff poisoning the Chattahoochee River.
Lucas tooth.png Moved around along the Gulf of Mexico, staying ahead of possible Rokea.
Lucas tooth.png Learned of his people, both Seaborn and Betweeners, as well as the Creek nation.
Lucas tooth.png Graduated high school at the age of 15, having tested out.
Lucas tooth.png A genius, he turned his attentions to Sea and her pain.
Lucas tooth.png Battled Qyrl's servants frequently in his travels, and learned of her presence on land as well.
Lucas tooth.png Did so throughout his entire adult life.
Lucas tooth.png Attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Majored in Marine Biology and Native American Studies. His mixed heritage (1/4 Creek) aided in his scholarship, allowing him to bank the additonal scholarhsip grants.
Lucas tooth.png Explored Sea, learning her mysteries first hand. Spent his time going between UnSea and Sea, studying the differences both cultural and spiritual.
Lucas tooth.png Ages 15 to 20 were spent mastering himself, learning combat as well as rituals and rites.
Lucas tooth.png Returned to Columbus at age 25, and began establishing himself.
Lucas tooth.png Spent the next few years heading projects to clean up the Chattahoochee River, becoming known as a community organizer and conservationist.
Lucas tooth.png At age 35 founded the Columbus Aquarium and Marine Research Center (World of Darkness only), and has spent the last four years teaching marine life conservation and preserving the river.
Lucas tooth.png Spends his days at the Aquarium, working hand in hand with the wildlife and workers there. Keeps an eye on the River, it's mix of oceanic and fresh water perfect for his Bull Shark form.

OOC Information

Player: Nathan Pimental
Player Email:
VST: Vic Cross
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