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Name: Jonathan "The Bard" McBride
Rank: Adren
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Theurge
Camp: Tuatha de Fionn
Pack: The Adopted
Sept: Not yet sworn, but spends most of his time at the Sept of Victor's Stand
Right of Acceptance?: Not locally, previously sworn at the Sept of Silver Tara
Appearance: Jonathan has long dark brown hair, green eyes, and is often seen to be wearing flannel and jeans with a paddy hat reminiscent of Irish fashions. He has the mark of the Morrigan on his right palm or paw, depending on which form he takes, visible in all.
Notable Contributions:

  • Jonathan worked towards, and eventually participated in the momentous accomplishment of killing the powerful Fomori known as "The Doctor"
  • Has somehow earned the favor of the Morrigan, and is marked by it.
  • He is famous in his area for his music. He travels across Colorado playing at events for those who have the wealth and influence to bring him in.
  • Spent considerable time and resources healing the damage Kraken and the Wyrm did to Pueblo. Eventually participated in the slaying of Kraken, the powerful Wyrm Incarna spirit.



Jonathan was born in Ireland under a crescent moon to a Garou and a kinfolk man in the mid 1980s. His father never seemed to be around, but the community he was born into never lead him to feel that he was without family. He contracted a strange sickness in his youth that his Garou nature did nothing to prevent which lead him to being physically weakened. When he had his first change, he did not regain his lost strength as some assumed might happen. While he bears no mark of his weakened state, he knows he'll never be able to serve in the front lines of battle. As such, he threw himself more fully into what he could do as a Theurge, and quickly became recognized at the Great Caern for his skills, being seen as something of a social riser. Among the humans, he was recognized for his talent in music, and was able to easily make friends with many who would normally shun one suffering the Curse. Just when things were looking good for his prospects, however, he left Ireland in late 2017. He relocated to the mid western American state of Colorado, citing something about wanting to meet the Fera who saved the Ard Righ. He has since been attempting to make a home for himself there, working to find something similar to the recognition and influence he had in Ireland before he relocated.

  • He says he came to Colorado chasing stories of those who fought Green Dragon and saved Bron Mac Fionn. But those who talk to him may find his reasons for leaving to sound weak. One wonders if he was running from something when he left Ireland.
  • He has made a claims of having Fae ancestry as well as Fianna.
  • Wherever he goes there seems to be a swarm of Butterflies as well. Doesn't matter what season it is, they're there.
  • His deed name is not only descriptive of his music, but is also reference to his misspent youth playing games with other less physically inclined friends.
  • He has been heard to speak out against the Bite. At length.
  • He has a three record deal with Interscope. He just hasn't been able to find the time to get into the recording studio.


  • Dude Knows his Stuffs about the Spirits and What not. He Also accepted the Mark of The Morrigan, That's what I call good ole Fianna Magic!- Stags-Fury
  • "He acted without restraint when he heard my pain. I am honored to have him as part of my family." Tills the Wyrm
  • "Name a Tribe - Silver Fang, Get of Fenris, Red Talon - and a particular wolf will come to mind. Say lupus, or metis, and the same is true. Some Garou embody an idea. Say Theurge, and for this wolf, The Bard arises in her mind." - Ice Sky Dreams
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