Jordan Morningkill

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Jordan Isaiah Morningkill Deeded "Straight-to-the-Heart"

Notable Traits: Heroic Lineage to Robert "Last Stand" Morningkill, Steward of House Wyrmfoe

Pack: Tempest Forged

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of Standing Stones


Athro Ahroun of House Wyrmfoe
Champion of the Silver Fangs
Master of Challenge of the Caern of Ancient Hope
Alpha of the former "Heart's Reclamation", Dedicated to Bear


  • Date of Birth: 3/22/1932
  • First Change: 6/1/1950
  • Joined current Sept: Shortly after the Gnostic Plague.



  • "It only took becoming a Champion of the Silver Fangs for this Scion of House Wyrmfoe to find his purpose, but what a glorious purpose it will be." - Morena's Lament
  • "I guess I owe my entry into all this to Jordan. That doesn't mean I'm calling him 'Dad' anytime soon." - Aaron Tildon
  • "One day decided he was going to be my best friend. It's mostly cool, but he's a Silverfang, so he's kinda boring. And can sometimes be a butt." - Charlie Riley

OOC Information

Player: Bradley Bowling Player Email: Storyteller: Ryan Kaiser Storyteller Email: Location: Grand Rapids, MI