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Elder Jose Luna

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Name:Elder José Luna
Social Class:Elder
Domain:Maui, HI

Status - Elder - Confirmed, Established, Privileged
Status - Prince - Authority, Commander, Sovereign
Status - Fleeting - Honorable, Praised, Victorious

Further Information

Jose Luna was born in Lisbon in October 1583. His mother left when he was still quite young, and his father drank himself to death not long after. Jose grew up in the rough-and-tumble world of the docks, surviving on charity, odd jobs and theft. He eventually ended up as a powder monkey on the ship of Alonso de Contreras. That was the beginning of his life as a pirate.

After finally getting his own ship, he sailed as one of the Salé Rovers for many years, living a life of brutality and intimidation. Then, in 1628, he was in London in connection with pirating activities during the Anglo-French War. One night, his life completely changed when the woman he was with, Embraced him. When he awoke in the early hours of the morning she was gone, leaving him with only confused memories of what had happened and a scrawled note warning him to stay out of the sunlight.

For all his worldly experience, he was completely unprepared for this. For all his depredations, he himself had never been the victim. Raging, Luna threw himself into the night, searching fruitlessly for the red-haired woman. His rage fueled something in his blood and he began to realize just how profoundly his existence had been changed.

For the next few years, Luna haunted the streets of London. Although he never again saw the woman who had Embraced him, his time spent in London helped form his view of Kindred politics. In another unlife, he would have no doubt joined the Anarch Movement. But having been "abandoned" a second time in his life, once again fighting to prove his worth in a new world, he found himself yearning for structure. The Camarilla offered that. In a sense, it was his pirate life writ large: start small, work your way up, earn respect, take command. (Over time he would come to realize how naive that view had been, but by then he would be firmly entrenched in the Tower and fully cognizant of how perfectly power and structure reinforced themselves).

After a decade or so, Jose had accepted that he would never see his Sire again. So in 1642, when mortal conflicts erupted in the First English Civil War, he decided it was time to leave. With Portugal currently embroiled in the Acclamation War with Spain, he headed south to take part. He soon found that the smuggling, contraband, profiteering, disorder, and destruction along the frontier suited him perfectly.

In the early 1650s, he Sired a Childe of his own: Sofia, a lovely Spanish woman from the Extremadura region. She was every bit as wild as Luna, and the two of them maintained a steady but fiery relationship over many years. Then, not long after the Treaty of Lisbon was signed in 1668, she left him.

Sofia's leaving was a blow to Luna, and he found himself longing for the (imagined) simpler life he'd had a pirate. He headed to Algiers, took over a ship by dint of killing/ghouling the crew, and once again sailed the Mediterranean - this time as a slaver. Soon, the Bloody Moon flag became feared throughout the region. It was also during this period that he befriended an Assamite, Ra's al-Tanin, who sometimes accompanied Luna on his voyages.

By the early 1700s, it was becoming more and more difficult for Luna to maintain the secret of his Kindred existence, and he was considering his alternatives. One night, during a time when Ra's was sailing with him, Luna's ship came upon and attacked a ship flying the English flag. After boarding and capturing it, he was surprised to find a Torpored Kindred in the hold, whom Ra's recognized as a Ventrue. Luna was all for sending the Kindred to Final Death, but Ra's talked him out of it, convincing Luna it would be far better to have a Life Boon from one of the Ventrue clan. During that long discussion, Luna's thoughts finally crystallized and he decided to stop pirating and instead turn his attention to Kindred politics.

Thinking to start small, he settled on the island of Madeira. He consolidated his power over the scattered Kindred there and eventually became Prince of Madeira. He ruled for many decades, as justly as any other Camarilla Prince. Still, eventually, he began to consider moving on to a larger domain. He was intrigued by reports coming back to him of the New World, especially the Caribbean, and started making plans to sail there. Then he began receiving news of the storming of the Bastille and the ensuing French Revolution. Knowing that mortal upheaval like this would most likely be mirrored in Kindred society, he curtailed his plans to sail and started putting out "feelers" to see what opportunities might be opening on the Continent. The news that came back was not at all what he expected: Sofia had partaken of Vauderie and joined the Sabbat.

Luna didn't like the Sabbat but, truth be told, he wouldn't go out of his way to hunt them down. However, the fact that it was Sofia enraged him beyond all measure. He put his Praxis in the hands of his Seneschal and sailed for the mainland to hunt her down.

It took years. Along the way, he met Sofia's Childe, Jean-Paul Alexandre, who Luna found to be of like spirit, if ideologically opposite. Jean-Paul was also aghast at his Sire's choice, and he joined Luna in the hunt. Finally, in 1805, they found and ashed Sofia.

Sick at heart, Luna took his leave of Jean-Paul. For the first time in centuries, he questioned the point of his long existence. He wondered if he'd been "alive" too long. The Europe he'd known had changed dramatically, the Barbary War marked the end of the pirating way of life, and in his absence, his Praxis had been overthrown. He didn't want to die but, for the moment, he lacked the will to keep fighting. He needed to rest; but where? Lisbon was a very different city than the one of his birth, having been largely destroyed in 1755. He knew he could not be guaranteed a safe resting place anywhere in the Mediterranean, and even the Madeira Islands would be a risky proposition if he were discovered.

He finally hit upon a plan. He tracked down the Lisbon factor for one of the wealthy Madeiran families and offered to sell the man his ship on the condition that it never be put into dry dock. In the few nights before the hand-over, Luna rigged a small, dark space in the ballast tank and sealed himself in.

He stirred a few times over the next years, but he did not fully awake until 1880, after slowly becoming aware that the ship around him had been at sea for many months. Feeling curious for the first time in decades, he broke himself free from his "grave" and cautiously made his way topside. He found himself on a ship full of Madeiran immigrants, bound for Hawaii to work the sugarcane plantations.

It didn't take him long to ghoul one of the families to tend to his needs. When the ship reached Oahu, he stayed with that family as they took over the work at one of the plantations. The ghouled family took on his name, and the men became feared and hated overseers.

As Oahu grew more crowded, Luna decided to relocate to Maui, where there were not only fewer mortals, but almost no Kindred. He took some of the family with him to take ownership of a pineapple plantation, and arrived on Maui in 1889. In 1895, Jose Luna became Prince of Maui.



  • "Elder Luna is my Prince and friend, both mean much to me!"- Rā's Al-Tanin
  • "If your question is: would I tell Luna to his face to go fuck himself...If he was wrong, you bet your ass I would. I'd also be ready to deal with a broken jaw." - Jean Paul Alexandre
  • "Elder Prince Luna is someone I respect. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he is close to my dear cousin." - Amira Kanaan

  • It is said that the mortal men who took his name and worked as plantation overseers gave rise to the Hawaiian use of the word luna to mean "leader" or "supervisor."
  • Although he is a very vocal supporter of the Ivory Tower, some whisper that his Sire was a prominent Anarch.
  • Luna has never been one for banks. He has buried his treasures throughout the island of Maui, and there are so many of these caches that not even Luna remembers them all.
  • He once ripped off the arms of a Ravnos in Elysium.
  • [Any Elder-appropriate rumor can go here!]

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