Joseph Gaster

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Joseph Gaster
Notable Traits: Piercing golden eyes with purple flecks and air seems to flow oddly around him
Clan: Malkavian
Lineage: Familia de Orbitate Degentibus
City: Atlanta, GA, USA
Sect: Camarilla


Joseph spent much of his early years in and around Europe calling no place home. His sire was one of the victims of the Inquisition. In his travels, Ailis Cárthach identified him as another lost soul in need of a family and adopted him into Familia de Orbitate Degentibus.

After the loss of his sire, he took up causes that he felt were righteous according to his strong beliefs. He participated behind the scenes in many such causes, including the American Civil War where he met Sam Stone. He lived in Atlanta for a time helping with the reconstruction and preying on out that comes after war to prey on weak. He took similar actions back in Europe during World War I and II. He disappeared after the liberation of a concentration camp and was not seen again until very recently in Santo Domingo and then Atlanta.


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OOC Information

Player: David K.

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Storyteller: Nathan A.

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Location: Atlanta, GA