Joseph Wintersrage

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Spear of Destiny


Information Known to the Nation


Name: Joseph Wintersrage

Notable: Tribal Councilor for the Wendigo; War Alpha

Pack: Ma'ė Taa'é-eše' or Red Moon Rising

Faction: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept of Last Breath


For the voice of the Wendigo, this magnetic Philodox is a bit of a puzzle to many outside of the Tribe. While the marked tribal coldness is present, Joseph has become known for his sharp wit and biting charisma. He has debated and mediated a great deal with the Silver Fangs, earning no little amount of respect for his aggressive political negotiations. Unlike the majority of his Tribe, he has kept friendly terms with the Uktena.


    • It is said (behind his back) that Joseph killed the last War Alpha
      • Some say that he has Uktena Kinfolk Lover
      • He has an heavy (one could almost say obsessive) interest in the affairs of the Bitten
Lupus Form


ST: Jaimie Spencer

ST Email:

Location: The 7th Sphere of Hell