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Josephine "Mama" Fannon

"Because I feel that, in the Heavens above
The angels, whispering to one another
Can find, among their burning terms of love
None so devotional as that of
– Edgar Allen Poe


The Basics

Name: Josephine Fannon
Deed Name: Mama
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Kinfolk, Matriarch of the Fannon Family

My Story

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A fiercely protective mother, Josephine would go to the ends of the Earth and into battle with the Wyrm itself armed only with a rolling pin to protect those she claims as her own. She was born and raised on a farm in South Texas but few would dare doubt her intelligence or ability.
1956, February - Born as kinfolk to the Fannon lineage.
1978, February - Began dating Douglas Fannon, Fianna Ahroun Garou.
1978, April - Marries Douglas Fannon.
1978, November - First child born, Maeve Fannon, former Fianna, now CoG Galliard Garou.
1981, June - Twins, Margaret Fannon (Fianna Ahroun Gaour) and Deirdre (Kinfolk) born.
1984, August - Aiden Fannon born a Kinfolk.
1986, July - Twins, Amy Fannon (born Kinfolk, now Bitten Corax) and Patrick Fannon (born Fianna Garou now Glasswalker).
1997, November - Willow Fannon born Fianna Galliard Garou.
1998, Summer - Deirdre Fannon dies.
2000, July - Maeve and Douglas Fannon have Epic fight on 4th of July, Maeve leaves farm soon after and does not contact her family again for 16 years.
2001, Winter - Takes over as Matriarch of the Fannon Family following the passing of her own mother, Edythe.
2008, October - The Siege of Fannon Farm is barely won by the Sept of San Antonio. Amy Fannon is bitten by a corrupted Corax and soon after goes through her first change.
2016, November - With a newly reestablished caern and sept with Douglas as it's Alpha, Maeve Fannon returns to San Antonio in secret and is promptly ratted out by her cousin Matthew Fannon.

Family, Blood or Otherwise

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As Far As Other's Are Concerned

o"We may not quite... agree on how to raise children, but I've never doubted her ability to care for them." - Annverasti Mjullmann
o"She can't stand me. But even with everything, she took care of mom after the old caern fell. Least I can do is bring my kids and smile through the occasional dinner." - Gordon Fannon
o"... and people say I'm stubborn" - Douglas Fannon
o"Hera would not be an inapt comparison." - Maeve of the Painted Heart
o"I... um... pleeease don't tell mama..." - Willow Fannon
o"I want to be the son she wants me to be, not because it's expected of me, but because I love my mother." - Aiden Fannon
o"The second woman in my life to see me for what I really am and not cast me out. Douglas doesn't know what treasure he has." - Persona Non Grata
o"Josie has taken the mantle of family matriarch in stride. She still beats me mercilessly just to show the little ones that they're never too big to get it from Mama." - Amos Fannon
o"I triple dog dare you to mess with Momma F. She may forgive you, I won't..." - Jo Trevino
o"Don't nobody talk shit 'bout Ma Fannon, 'least if they know what's good fer 'em. She an' I don't always see eye ta eye, but she's got a good heart, an' there ain't a lot a folk I give that credit to." Judge Taco
o"A sweet soul who really knows how to cook and tend to her young. She has a habit of adopting many as her own, and that kind of unlimited heart isn't common these days." - Samuel 'Old Ironsides' Johnson
o"My older sister, she's called Mama now but she is still that older sister that took care of her crazy little brother" - Cedrick Fannon
O"She is probably the only being in San Antonio that fully understands their role in this Sept. Perhaps she can teach the others by example. - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
O"There are those people in the world that help you get through tough times, and help you grow into who you become. She was more of a mother to me than my own ever was, and I love her for that - Paul Lassick
o"...amazing. It is cooks like her that keep me trying new homid foods." - Ghost in the Woods
o"As dangerous as Douglas can be in war, nobody is more dangerous than my sister when she's got reason to be riled up. She can make an entire room of Garou sit up and get their shit straightened right away. God I love the woman my sis has become." - Amos Fannon
o"I have not been with a woman since my wife and children were slain by the Wyrm some years ago. To have a woman who loves you, cares about, and will defend you, is something I do miss. Now the ass chewing that I know Douglas and the rest of the Fannons got last night, that sort of thing...I don't miss...ok, I miss that too actually." - Samuel 'Old Ironsides' Johnson
o"My actual first encounter was passing Josephine Fannon by as she was chewing out a crowd of her family. My second encounter was during the meeting of the kinfolk at the Concolation. She is the matriarch of her family. It's leader in matters of organization. I never imagined that the Garou would ever allow for such a thing much less a tribe from the Sanctum. But really after spending time speaking with her I could believe she can do what she says. Well done Ma'am." - Catalin Corbeanu
o"I will always have your best interest at heart, even if it isn't apparent at the time." - Persona Non Grata
o"I don't know anymore ways to say I'm sorry, but maybe if I can save her this time..." - Gordon Fannon
o"I was delighted to finally meet Josephine. She is so very prepared." - Rose Marie Davis
o"The Righ chose well when he asked this kin to be his mate. She is wise, strong, stubborn, and cuts to the core of an issue. This speaks well to his decision-making skills." - Anton 'Get of Fenris' Rourke
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Player: Rachel Malone
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Storyteller: Phill Cava-Peltan
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Location: San Antonio, TX