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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Joshua "Self-Evident" Bartlett

Notable Traits: Steel Fur (Prosthetic/Cybernetic Arm)

Pack: The Crucible

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Storm's Shelter, Des Moines, IA

Joshua’s father, Jeremiah Bartlett was a Glass Walker Galliard with a passion for humanity. He met and fell in love with Erica Meredith, a kinfolk of the Meredith family, a publishing magnate. Jeremiah, a direct descendant of Josiah Bartlett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Hampshire and a Statesman, was involved in the Insurance industry in Des Moines, while Erica had a role in her family’s company.

Joshua was born at the height of the full moon on December 31, 1990, as the year turned anew. Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, his parents raised him in comfortable luxury in the heart of the Terrace Hill neighborhood. Until 2008, Joshua was on the Fast Track to Ivy Leagues, in the top 10% of his class at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. He was an All-American Student Athlete in numerous sports. He earned the Premier Distinction Degree of Merit from the National Forensic League’s Honor Society and was named All-American his Junior year.

On the night of July 4, 2008, while setting off fireworks with his friends in the south of Des Moines, he and his best friend Aaron were caught in an explosion. While Aaron was killed by the blast, Joshua was lucky, leaving with minor scars on his hands that healed quickly. Jeremiah, watching with a few friends, shepherded Joshua away from his other friends as he began to rage in his despair. In the waning hours of Independence Day, Joshua experienced his First Turn.

In the months that followed, Joshua was trained in the Garou fashion as a Cub, joining the local Sept of the Traveller’s Rest. Ever ambitious, Joshua earned the deed name With Distinction. He underwent the Rite of Passage and earned the rank of Cliath in 2010. Upon waking from the exhausted slumber that had followed the celebration of his Rite of Passage, With Distinction found himself in the (Insert Name of Nearby Sept/Caern that would have been around in 2010). His cousin, Ben, one of the Kinfolk of the Sept, had taken him out of Des Moines as dawn broke. They had been sent out along with the other cubs and Kinfolk of the Sept. Ben told him that as they left, he saw the top of 801 Grand go up in smoke. In his grief, he attempted to head back to Des Moines, but was stopped by a few members of the local Sept who had heard of the Destruction of Traveller’s Rest. (Left Intentionally Vauge for Future PC-Ties)

Not being allowed to return home, With Distinction headed west, fleeing while in the throes of Harano. Eventually, he made his way to (Specifics to be Determined) where he met Uplifting Laughter, a Kitstune who offered him counseling and was instrumental in pulling him back out of his Harano.

(This time in the background is left intentionally vague to allow for future PC-Ties)

(Need to develop the story of how he earned the rank of Fostern and the Deed name Self-Evident, but they are likely related to the incident that necessitated the addition of the Steel Fur Modules)

(Need to setup development of his Steel Fur Modules. He has 3 modules: Armor he has named Life, a Gun he has named Liberty, and a chainsaw hand he has named The Pursuit of Happiness)

In Feburary 2017, Self-Evident returned home to Des Moines in hopes of beginning to rebuild the Caern and the Sept of the Traveller’s Rest. He brought with him FlameWar, a fellow Glass Walker Ragabash who had helped him with this Truths.


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Player: Kyle Solberg

Player Email:

Storyteller: Dennis Martin

Storyteller Email:

Location: IA-001-D Des Moines, IA