Joshua Roberts

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Joshua Roberts (Broken Arm)

Notable Traits: Cybernetic right arm with the barrel of a gun mounted on the inside of the forearm.

Sept: Sept of the Shifting Sands


Joshua Roberts is a Hacker who believes that the use of the Weaver and its creations are the key to defeating the Wyrm. Joshua was born to a Glass walker and her kinfolk husband in Lewiston, Idaho. Shortly after his 19th birthday Joshua’s parents were killed in a wyrm attack on Joshua’s place of work, the local paper mill, in an attempt at breaching the chemical settling ponds and drain them into the nearby Clearwater River. Joshua left work early to go drinking and he was already drunk when he was given the news of the attack. Enraged at himself for not being there yet was so close to it, he underwent his first change behind the Overtime, the bar a mile from work. In July of 2015 he was sent out to assist and watch over a pack of Cliath in cleaning up an infestation of Blood Vines. As things were wrapping up the pheromones from the destruction of the vines attracted a small pack of Skull Pigs. Detecting wyrm taint on Joshua one of the pig grappled him and began to devour his right arm. Although Joshua and the Cliaths where able to drive away or kill the pigs, Joshua was left without an arm. This led to him seeking out and joining the Cyberdogs camp having heard about their use of cybernetic enhancements and hoped they could restore his lost limb. After proving himself he got what he wanted and received a cybernetic arm, complete with a computer and gun built in. He later went on to acquire an addition module that granted him some added physical protection.

• March 15, 1989: Born • August 21, 2008: First Change • July 18, 2015: Lost Arm • September 03, 2015: Joined Cyberdogs camp • November 01, 2016: Acquired cybernetic enhancements from Glowbug • January 20, 2017: Joined current sept


  • He never seems to reload.

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Player: Steven Ball

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Location: Tri- Cities