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Commonly Known Information

Name: Josephine Rose Thomas, aka 'Josie'

Notable Traits: Josie is low Humanity, and seems to struggle to keep her Humanity at all, let alone improving it. She is rather well known for her wild-coloured hair, which changes according to her mood. Otherwise, there is very little about her that garners attention.

Sect: Anarch
Faction: Constructionist

Sect Position: Baron

Sect Status Committed Member of The Movement
Abiding: Authority, Mandate
Fleeting: Hardcore, Praised

Clan: Malkavian

Gang: Blood Eagles (Moniker)


Nothing is known about Josie until she appears as a member of The Anarch Movement in 1969.

1969 - Josie meets 'JC' - Joachim Collazo Amador - and joins The Anarch Movement
1969 - 1998: Josie works with 'JC' and their coterie, alongside his lineage, to furthering the goals of The Movement. In this time they do a great deal of traveling, including:
1998: At odds with the Camarilla in Southern Ontario, The Anarch Movement targets Toronto as a primary objective. JC & Josie begin to infiltrate the City of Toronto to take it from The Sabbat. Their attempts go on for nearly two decades.
2010: G20 Summit - The Anarch Movement attempts to take control of Toronto during the chaos and upheaval of the G20 & fail, driven back out of the city by The Sabbat.
2011: JC & Josie are a part of the Anarch contingent who agree to a Toronto Treaty/Alliance with the Camarilla when both sects realize that they cannot take Toronto alone.
2012: Chicago Blood Accord - stalls the ability of the Toronto Alliance to reclaim Toronto from the Sabbat.
2015: The Anarchs move back into Scarborough/Malvern, finally able to gain a foothold in the Scarborough area. They begin to work slowly and methodically toward ousting The Sabbat from East Toronto.
August 2017: The Toronto Treaty becomes aware that The Sabbat in Toronto have been expelled from the Sword of Caine and are therefore considered outcast, making them fair game for assault.
December 2017: The Toronto Treaty claims victory in Toronto. The Anarchs claim East Toronto, and the Camarilla West Toronto. Josie becomes Ambassador of The Barony of East Toronto.
April 2018: Josie becomes Baron of The Barony of East Toronto.


Josie is one of the Blood Eagles.


The Anarchs of Toronto have formed a loose alliance to watch each other's backs, but Josie's coterie is made up of the other Blood Eagles in Toronto:


  • Josie used to be a member of the Sabbat, and was on a Path - which one, no one knows. But she's still weirder than most Malkavians... and is far less Humane that most Anarchs.
  • Josie really isn't a Malkavian.
  • Josie is actually a staunch member of the Ivory Tower and has infiltrated the Anarch Movement as a prank to test the integrity of the Camarilla. Or the gullibility of the Movement. Or both. Or neither.

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OOC Information

Player: Leanne White

Player Email:

Storyteller: Vance Brews & Bernard Dawson

Storyteller Email:

Location: Toronto, ON