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Commonly Known Information

Name: Joy

Notable Traits: She always carries a large bag, and her hands *never* stop moving.

Type: Changeling

Character Type Subgroup: Wizened, Artist, Spring Court


Changeling by Loren Reed.jpeg

A walking work of art, Joy's hands never stop moving. She is constantly creating and finds joy in the process. Joy isn't the name she had when she was taken, but she can't - or won't - recall what that name was. She is talented in numerous artistic areas, and doesn't mind being paid in fortune cookies. She isn't the type who revels in a battle, but visiting her before you head to one may be wise - as well as after. She seems comfortable in the hedge, and is willing to help other changelings navigate it.


  • Has aspirations of being the best buffer in the world
  • Knows where all the yummy hedge fruit are
  • Feel free to leave a comment or rumor or something
  • Secretly wants to be part of a death metal band

Quotes by Others

  • "Her creativity is amazing. Also her costumes are where she brings her A game. An exceptional buffer." - Regan
  • "Marie Victoria NEEDS to meet you. I love it when we get new cousins in town who have an impeccable taste for fashion and art." - Mara
  • "I am glad she's part of the council here. An amazing and happy person, full of light. We need more of that." - Drake_Banner
  • "Her way of viewing the world is nothing short of beautiful, the way she can create the most beautiful of items without even a second thought is a wonder to behold. Not to mention she is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting." - Luca
  • Feel free to leave a comment or rumor or something

OOC Information

Player: Loren Reed

Player Email:

Storyteller: Lewis

Storyteller Email:

Location: Wisconsin