Jozef Prinz

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Jozef Prinz


Full Name Jozef Prinz
Ethnicity Dutch
Place of Birth Cape Town, South Africa
Date of Birth October 31, 1770
Apparent Age Mid-Thirties
Occupation Nightclub Owner
Location Phoenix, AZ

Clan Toreador
Sect Camarilla
Embraced November 2, 1800
Social Class Ancilla
Status Confirmed (A) as Ancilla
Authority (A) as Prince
Commander (A) as Prince
Sovereign (A) as Prince
Courteous (F) by Deed
Favored (F) by Elder Liberty Rurik
Honorable (F) by Deed
Loyal (F) by Altari Khan
Noticeable Qualities Eerie Presence: Smells of Roses

Musical Inspiration Voodoo - Godsmack
Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground
Habits - Tove Lo
Rock N' Roll Lifestyle - Cake
Decadence Dance - Extreme
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Live and Let Die - Guns N' Roses
Raise Your Glass - P!nk

Movie Inspiriation Constantine
The Serpent and the Rainbow
Angel Heart

Player Bryan Himebaugh
Player Email
Storyteller Wade Yorke
Storyteller Email




"Ou bat tanbou epi ou danse ankò." ~ Hatian Proverb


Born of Dutch descent in Cape Town, South Africa, the man known as Jozef Prinz lived a rather comfortable lifestyle. Born into a merchant family, his father had made quite the profit in selling various wares locally and abroad via ship. He was one of four children, the youngest of the boys - he had two younger sisters, twins.

The family did well, surviving through the varied occupations by the British. The family business thrived, merchants always needed for spices, fruits and textiles. Eventually, the young man did start to wander in his interests. His curiousity pulled him towards the local faith, African Vodou. He had found something that called to him.

After his Embrace and more study, he found himself heading to the southern United States on one of the ocean vessels his family company owned. The turmoil of the country didn't bother him - he was used to the constant change of rulership from Cape Town. It was the lure of the Haitian Vodou which drew him to the area. He spent years there, learning and gathering further understanding of the faith.

In 1990, he felt the need to move again - wanderlust, he'd attribute it to. This time, his destination was the United States. Phoenix, Arizona was where he wound up. After some petitioning and Boons traded, he was acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla by Prince Navarro D'Cruz. Since then, he has settled in and opened up a relatively posh night club, Mumbo Jumbo.

The timeline here is by no means extensive or complete, and is posted here with the hope that ties can be made with other characters.
  • 1770 - Born in Cape Town
  • 1795 - Began praticing and learning of the African Vodou faith
  • 1800 - Embraced in Cape Town
  • 1850 - Traveled to New Orleans, where he embraced Hatian Vodou as his faith
  • 1990 - Moved to Phoenix, Arizona and became a member of the Camarilla


JPLegba.png - Contact Name - Notes about contact go here...

JPLegba.png - Contact Name - Notes about contact go here...


JPLegba.png - Quite the horrible liar, terrible fast-talker and awful gambler.

JPLegba.png - He's really a Samedi.

JPLegba.png - He sold his soul for power.

JPLegba.png - He does anything for a good time.

JPLegba.png - He does, in fact, have a dance card.


JPLegba.png - Words to remember - beige, pumpernickel, lawsuit, tourniquet. - Jozef Prinz

JPLegba.png - I can say without exaggeration or embellishment that I have never met a Kindred that was his equal. - Johann Prinz

JPLegba.png - Hate is a strong word. You gotta care about something to hate it, and I care very little about this man. - Holly Wood

JPLegba.png - Jozef and I shared a couple of cigars one night and he told me all about the Loa. Papa Ghede is a whore. - Chaunce duFresne

JPLegba.png - Rare that a Toreador sees below the surface of things. Jozef seeks meaning rather than attention, focus rather than frippery. I look forward to his long service to the Domain. - The Conductor

JPLegba.png - I think you'll find it is still my box. - Aranea Kensington

JPLegba.png - Mr Bathes in Roses offered me beads every time I walked past. Sure, it might have been meant as an insult but I choose to take that as a compliment to my favorite corset. Next time he'll just have to try harder. - Mischief

JPLegba.png- We all got assholes we don't like in our fucking family. I'm pretty sure I'm the asshole in his, but quite frankly, they can all fuck right off. - Lola Cassidy

JPLegba.png- Josef has always been very genial and possesses skills I have only heard rumor about. I hope to spend more time with him in the future. - Pollux Xenos

JPLegba.png- For the last time I have no relation to that snake! - Elika Rezaee

JPLegba.png- Mr. Prinz is a well-spoken and intelligent kindred who understands the value of common courtesy. He will go far. - Don Vittorio Cuoronero

JPLegba.png- I anticipate our first meeting will be quite... colorful and involved. I so look forward to meeting the Kindred in the flesh. A unique specimen, much like myself. - Thaddeus Moreau

JPLegba.png- Am I the only one who finds it funny that there's a 'Prince Prinz'? - Alex Kurgarrû

JPLegba.png- I value my fellow Sovereign's friendship, though I am still confused on how he would consider himself furniture? I believe it may be code for something. - Enyo

JPLegba.png- Young enough to believe in the Camarilla's old ways. Old enough to love his laurels of power it has, and how prestidigitation is older than the sect. - Hidden Snake

JPLegba.png- To be honest, I was kinda prepared to think he's an asshole. Turns out I was wrong. Not the first time. Dude can do what he's gotta do without going overboard. You gotta respect that. - Dicky Coughlin

JPLegba.png- Your quote goes here... - Your Name


An upscale nod to the more modern nightlife in New Orleans, Mumbo Jumbo offers a taste of Creole hospitality in Arizona. Bright colors, thumping music and comfortable surroundings all mark this nightclub as an up and coming location for those looking for something different.

Descend into Mumbo Jumbo, walk straight through the door in front of you and enter a glow-in-the-dark bar resembling Tron’s light cycle race, only with more disco balls and neon fish.

Approach the black marble bar to investigate the tome of cocktails with choices that will please every discerning taste. And weird photos of lickable toads and voodoo paraphernalia. Can’t forget those.

Order something different, like the Ridden Horse (ghee-washed cognac and Armagnac with pineapple, banana, lime, vanilla and coffee liqueur). Then flip through their Anba Dlo magazine for illustrated bios of their colleagues and a few off-menu drinks as you hang out in a leather booth.

At this point, a becoming stranger with oddly iridescent eyes and teeth might pull you onto the floor. Maybe you’ll dance to vibey DJs. Or maybe to their favorite techno-zydeco fusion band with an electric xylophone.

Either way, open up your senses and enjoy the ride...