Juan Forte

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Known Information
Name:Juan Forté
Notable Traits:Core Worlder, Anchor, Snob
Sub-type:News Anchor
Union:Conservator Union
Chartered Company:TBD / Ties sought
Occupation:Host / Producer / Reporter



  • A.W. Merrick, Deadwood
  • Mr. Universe, Serenity
  • Joseph Pullitzer
  • William Randolph Hearst
OOC Information
Player: John M. Osborne
Player Email:Email Me
Storyteller:Jonathon Nunley
Storyteller Email:San Diego Space VST's Email
Location:San Diego, CA

"Can't stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere." - Mr. Universe, Serenity

"Absent formal declaration, Al, information which affects this community is not my prerogative to disseminate. To do so is my sacred responsibility." - A.W. Merrick, Deadwood

"May I say, Dan, having resumed drinking alcohol, I cannot for the life of me remember why I ever gave it up." - A.W. Merrick, Deadwood


Juan Forté arrived in Somni about 10 years ago and began building up the local media around Trajan. Media from the Core doesn't reach out to the Expanse, and there was a necessity to inform the public of local news. He left the Core worlds to find "where the real story is," though rumor has it he crossed the wrong MegaCorp and was exiled.

He's the host, writer, and producer of "Somni Today" a local entertainment and politics stream for the Trajan News Feed. Sometimes he's followed around by a couple of floating AI volumetric cameras, particularly in terms of politics and local entertainment and businesses. Generally, "Somni Today" covers local flavor, puff pieces, and news of the goings on in local government.

He's dismissive of rumors of the supernatural, and when covered it's in the style of mockumentary and not taken seriously.

So far, nothing of note.


  • He left the Core worlds to find "where the real story is," though rumor has it he crossed the wrong MegaCorp and was exiled.
  • He prefers to be a big fish in a small pond rather than fighting amongst many other bigger fish.
  • There may be a contract out on his life from one of the MegaCorps.
  • Some Trajanis believe he is supernatural in some way, but they're superstitious hicks.
  • He has some interesting cybernetic implants meant to hypnotize the masses.