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  • "Jude is everything I could ask for in a friend, and a bunch I wouldn't have thought to ask for. Maybe some day I'll manage not to be a bitch to him." - Zoe Moriarty
  • "It hurts to watch someone who can't say what he wants to do for one night let alone more important things." - Mara
  • "He gets involved with all this madness without any power to speak of? I don't know if I'm impressed or terrified of him." - Connor McKnight
  • "Jude is someone I trust completely. Whether or not that is wise is irrelevant." - Daphne Carlisle
  • "He always seems to be around to help. I know he's helped me a lot... But he doesn't seem willing to let any of us help him, in turn. I hope he realizes he doesn't have to do everything on his own." - Ginny Harte
  • "He's a good man, but could be more." - Marcus Cain
  • "Jude has the fearlessness it takes to mess with Angels on a regular basis. It's damn inspirational. I wanna know where he gets it, so I can bottle and sell it." - Hermes
  • "Does he have any sense of self-preservation?" - Juliette Morrison
  • "I've never met a more intelligent fool. I expect I'll see him enter Valhalla before I do, but I'm sure his entrance will be glorious." - Luke Fisker
  • "Jude has gained himself several protectors, some of whom I'm not even sure he's aware of, over the past year or so. I wouldn't advise being the person who lays a hand on him with ill intent." - Aura
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  • Jude is not really mortal and is secretly an Angel spying for the God Machine.
  • Jude is secretly a Beast - that's why they all like him.
  • Jude is a deep cover agent for a nameless government agency.
  • His blood is regularly harvested as the critical ingredient in a potion for longevity.
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On The Jukebox

  • [The Funeral - Band of Horses]
|At every occasion, I'll be ready for the funeral \ Every occasion, once more \ it's called the funeral
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Jude Bridges

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