Judith Anderson

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Judith Anderson

Notable Traits: Whisper of Life


Clan: Tremere


Judith has been a resident of Phoenix for some decades, and has stood as Harpy since 2004. Utterly dedicated to the Camarilla, she demonstrates great care for social decorum, and speaks against the idea of corruption within the Camarilla or its ideals. It is not unknown for her to speak earnestly against the idea of court officers abusing their authorities, and she is known to disapprove of cliches of power-hungry, malicious or cruel behavior by Harpies.

Her sincere and earnest behavior has led a number of individuals to assert she is a member of "Clan Harpy" rather than Clan Tremere, as she gives lie to many of the stereotypes and expected behaviors of a Tremere.


  • Judith is resistant to magic, and thus incapable of learning her clan's signature discipline.
  • Formerly a Ventrue ghoul, Judith has never forgiven her sire for her Embrace as a Tremere.
  • Actually a masterful thaumaturge, Judith pretends ineptitude with magic to better her position among non-Tremere.

OOC Information

Player: Sarah Himebaugh

Player Email: sarah.himebaugh@gmail

Storyteller: Wade Yorke

Storyteller Email: dmh.camarilla.vst@gmail.com

Location: AZ-010-D Phoenix, AZ