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Judith is a neonate Anarch. She has lived in various parts of the world throughout her life and unlife. Part of this has to do with her sense of adventure; there's also the fact that, as an academic, staying in one place for long is rarely an option, and the small inconvenience of being undead means this is even more so the case. In life, Judith was a brilliant young archaeology professor at the beginning of her career, who would surely have become one of the superstars of the field...if her curiosity hadn't led her to an unfortunate run-in with something mortals were never meant to see, and subsequently her Embrace. Since her Embrace, she's had to keep a low profile in the academic world (doing archaeological research is difficult when you can't go out in the sun, not to mention the potential for Masquerade breaches if her publications fall into the wrong hands). She's made up for this by studying the newer, more high-tech aspects of the field, allowing her to work as a lab technician in various museums and archaeology departments, and along the way she has also learned Technomancy.

Since 2015, Judith has lived in San Diego. Along with Leon Harris, a Malkavian ancilla, she is a member of the Benandanti gang, all of whose members have some ability "beyond normal disciplines." Judith also recently learned she has a number of Brujah family members in San Diego. Lately, she spends much of her time analyzing the mysterious artifacts in the Vault, trying to understand their connection to current events around the world.


1941: Born.

1977: Is Embraced at The Ruins of Carthage while investigating a tomb on an archaeological dig.

1979: Left Accounting.

1979-2015: Moved around, working in various archaeology jobs. During this time, Judith is tangentially aware of what's going on in Kindred society, but after her experience with her sire, has had very little contact with other vampires.

2015: Moved to San Diego, met Leon Harris, and joined the Benandanti gang.

2017: Returns to Kindred society along with Leon.


  • May or may not actually be a True Brujah.


  • "Judith is a person who fights with knowledge, which is just what these nights might need." - Eri Haruko

Character Inspirations

River Song (Doctor Who), Lily Sunder (Supernatural), Flynn Carsen (The Librarian)

Public Details

Name: Judith Sheppard
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Anarch
Generation: Neonate
Embraced: 1977
Apparent Age: 30s
Sire Everett (NPC, Deceased)

OOC Information

Player: Erica F. (US2017110027)
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Cameron McCoy
Contact: San Diego C/A/I VST