Julian Aurelius Vopiscus

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Family and Clan


  • Luminary Elder
  • Primogen of Clan Assamite, Raleigh



  • Confirmed, Established, Privileged and Prominent as a Luminary Elder
  • Noble as Primogen


  • Loyal from Harpy Chloe West of Raleigh
  • Honorable from Harpy Chloe West of Raleigh
  • Loyal from Primogen Qadir Reshad of Hartford
  • Courteous from Elder Prince Saharat of Raleigh

Notable Traits

  • Eerie Presence: Pervasive smell of dusty old books and parchment



Elder Aurelius is a kind, charming man. He is generally soft-spoken and friendly, even to those who would normally earn society's disdain, but can be as sarcastic as a Harpy's sharp wit. He uses these disarming traits in his role as diplomat, one he has held for millenia. He often takes young scholars and capable, talented Kindred under his wings. Rare to anger, when it strikes it is a force of nature, and he does not easily forgive or forget. Regardless, a mystery or puzzle will quickly take his interest to the exclusion of most anything, whether it is a piece or lore, historical question, or a new and intriguing person in his vicinity.


Elder Aurelius is a thin, handsome man of Imperial Roman origins, with dark hair, hazel eyes, and typically a clean-shaven face. He almost always wears black, crisp dress shirt and pants, some version of a red-black vest (the colors of House Aurelius), and a black frock coat with silver trim. He is never seen without his hefty, silver-headed cane.


  • Julian has many associations across the Camarilla, Anarch Movement, Independent Alliance, and even the Sabbat, long acquired even before the formation of the sects in a bid to create diplomatic bridges for the Mountain.
  • Julian's flirty nature is no act, he is very fond of women and men, and has a long list of lovers, both current and past.
  • Julian is making impressive diplomatic inroads with Clan Tremere, despite centuries of antagonism and even conflict between their two clans.



  • "Apparently you're never too old to troll. That's alright though, at least he can take a joke." - Jaguar
  • "Being acknowledged by the Elder was a privilege in itself, but being seen as Honorable bolstered my confidence that I was serving the Tower well." - Cassidy Mason
  • "Add Your Own." - Your Name Here


Enemies and Rivals

Player: James Foster

Location: NC-006-D Wisterian Nightmares

Storyteller Ray Flynn

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