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“What other people think of me is not my business. What I do is what I do. How people see me doesn’t change what I decide to do.”
— RuPaul Charles

The prettiest boy you know

Full Name: Julian Michael Alexander Motgomery-Westwood Kensington
Titles Laydie of House Kensington (Widow of Simon Kensington) Known Aliases Julian, Jules, Jules Xtravaganza, Jules Eleganza, Laydie Kensington, Widow Kensington
Age 33
Camarilla Position: None
Lineage: Childe of House Kensington
Notable Traits: Flamboyant, Outgoing, Fabulous
Status Traits:

  • Acknowledged
  • Victorious (MESCon 2017, won the Symbal)
  • favored (By Simon Kensington)

Physical Description: Julian is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to fashion. With a slender frame, and an androgynous appearance, he has been known to turn heads with his attitude and appearance. Julian's most notable physical feature would be his eyes. One is blue, while the other is green.

High-Level Concept: An artist, dealing with all effects of his unlife, and his own identity..

RP Role: Julian is an assistant. He is there, in the background, often gathering information, or just observing, waiting for his time to let his talents be put to good use. He is also a good source of gossip and rumors, which, while entertaining, are still rumors and gossip.

Persona: A flamboyant and ecclectic hair and makeup artist and drag queen, who has been known to show sass, but won't hesitate to help someone who needs his assistance.

Notable Acts Victor of the 2017 Symbel in Austin. Released his own makeup line, geared specifically towards Kindred in 2018, calling it "Masquerade by Kensington"


The sassiest boy you know

"Really, Queen?"
— Jules

Personal History and Timeline

1984, July 21st - Born in Bronx, New York
2002, May 1st - Graduated High School.
2003, February 14th - Graduated Cosmetology School, and gets a job at a high end salon
2004, Summer - Julian starts doing drag shows, and goes by the name "Jules"
2006, March 1st - Started traveling with hair shows and events. Takes his Drag Personal with him.
2007, January 3rd - Julian was accepted into House Xtravaganza in the Drag community, by house mother Carmen Xtravaganza and is allowed to go by the name "Jules Xtravaganza" in the drag community
2007, April 7th - Met Sabrina at a Hair and Art show.
2008, December 21st - Embraced. Julian takes a break from Drag.
2009, January 16th - Met Simon Kensington
2010, August 1st - Returned to traveling with hair shows and events, as well as Drag shows.
2012, June 3rd - After mourning the loss of Lorena Escalera Xtravaganza, current house mother Gisele Alicea Xtravaganza allows Julian to create an offshoot house of House Xtravaganza. Julian dubs it "House Eleganza" as an homage to his Kindred lineage. He claims the title of House Mother, and takes the stage name "Jules Eleganza" but has yet to pull in any Drag Children. House Eleganza is considered to be as prestigious as House Xtravaganza, if not more so.
2016, Late Autumn - Julian considers settling down, as traveling has grown tiresome
2017, July 20th - Grand Event, Austin Texas
2017, Late July - Julian moves to Indianapolis, IN
2017, December - Secretly marries the progenitor of his line, Lord Simon Kensington.
2018, May - Julian loses his husband, Lord Simon Kensington, at the very event that they had planned to announce that they had wed months earlier
2018, Early June - Releases a Makeup Line, called "Masquerade" for Kindred Clientele

Devotion is key to a strong family

Add your quotes about Julian here.

  • "My precious and most beloved grandchilde understands our true nature with a purified vision. He is the most beautiful rose in my garden; one of the precious few sources of joy and inspiration that can calm my rage and kill my ennui." - Simon Kensington

  • "I have never hated anyone the way I hate Julian. The family was bad enough before we adopted this weed. I hope it's not contagious." - Landa Salinas

  • "What ever shall we do, what ever shall we think, when such a twisted thorn becomes within the reach. I do so enjoy him, for who he truly is. In the end, something that makes me smile, from close and from far. I do love him, and will kill for him." - Nathaniel West

  • "With some makeup (and as I am told, a few simple and mundane costuming tricks), it seems humanity has made an art of becoming a wholly different person. Leave it to a Toreador to make this art seems like wizardry that would make a Tzimisce jealous. However, this is but the surface of Julian. The true story is in his substance. I know the burden of being judged quickly and harshly for being too different. To the strong, however, that becomes a forge. Julian's personality is a sword, master crafted in that furnace: gleaming, strong, and razor sharp." - Alistair Beckworth

  • "I simply must have more time with this enchanting creature. I can only imagine what kind of glorious mischief we create if we put out heads together. " - Sébastien Delacroix

  • "Julian may not see it but there is strength in him. I plan to bring it out; and in turn he shall keep me young. Bless his fabulous nature. " - Christian Gerard Marceau

  • "Such a young thing. Were I given more time, Im quite certain I could find something desperate beneath that wig and make up. Something begging for greatness. Something worth sinning for." - Diego Amador

  • "Un collègue vient de m'avoir informé de la signification de 'eleganza' en parlance moderne. C’est pas vrai?! Vous apprenez quelque chose tous les jours!." - Ludovic Pétion

  • "Julian is my dear nephew; his little games delight me and his art is such a wonder to behold. He is the tender heart of our family. " - Flora May

  • "Julian is so wonderfully young and talented. I believe that we elders could stand to learn a thing or two from a neonate such as him." - Rhiannon Byrd

  • "A quiet child who grew into his own. I was endlessly proud when I discovered he was embraced a Toreador, and I will grow more proud as he comes into his own as a Kindred." - Mila Rurik

  • "The costumes are a glorious enough shell so it is almost unfair to find the pearl inside is brilliant as well. I love my nephew to distraction obviously." - Vivienne Stanwyck

  • "He is a twinsoul, spirit guided. If you are attempting to imply that this is not a matter worthy of respect, you will find I am quite good at my job." - Skoll

  • "If you feel the need to change so often, what does it say about you? Are you running from yourself or looking to become something better? The first is cowardice, while the second is courage. I wonder what your answer is, even if you never say it out loud." - Carden d'Vergobret

  • "Lady Kensington is a rare treasure. A creature who not only possesses beauty of body but of spirit as well. If I am ever called to their side I will be there without hesitation. - |Enyo

  • "You may have fame darling, but class isn't something you can buy. - |Lady Von Jagar

  • "Stunning, from beginning to end. A real delight to be around. If you have an issue, with anything at all, being around Jules will just make your night that much better. Because goddamn does this dude where a dress with the best of them. Ignore that bitch about class not being something you can buy, with enough money and influence, you can buy literally anything, or anyone, you like, and I'll be right there alongside you. - |Vex Vandal

Julian's notable quotes

  • "I may be just a prettyboy to you, but I have a pretty good chance of stealing your girl based on that fact alone."
  • "I'm sorry, does my appearance confuse you in ways you don't understand? That's normal. Get used to it."
  • "Family is one of the most important things to me. They are more precious than anyone can ever imagine, and I would do anything and everything within my power to uphold our good name."

Rumors, half truths, and lies

  • (Insert your rumors and scandalous information here)
  • Julian is not nearly as charming as he tends to act, but is quite shy, and hides this fact with amazing costumes.
  • Simon Kensington makes it no secret that Julian is the favorite of his line. This fact is one that can easily be abused. But it could also stand to reason that this Rose has no thorns of his own, and would not hesitate to run to his progenitor should anything go wrong.
  • Julian is as dramatic and unstable as they come.
  • Julian doesn't actually wear any makeup at all, it's all just an elaborate Chimerical illusion.
  • "Ten inches fully functioning" is an understatement to say the least.
  • Julian would have no need to run to his sire. His protection is well covered.
  • Jules is one of the few kindred who can touch Alistar Beckworth without him recoiling in horror and disgust.

Allies and Friends

Character Inspiration

  • David Bowie - Singer and Idol
  • Bianca Del Rio - Drag Queen and Insult Comic
  • Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 - Drag Queen and Recording Artist
  • Paris is Burning - 1990 Film

Sissy That Walk- RuPaul
Heroes - David Bowie
Your Woman - Whitetown
Fame - David Bowie
Hieeeee - Alaska Thunderfuck
Your Makeup is Terrible - Alaska Thunderfuck
Vogue - Madonna
Supermodel - RuPaul

Gender terms are interchangeable for this character. Julian responds to male or female pronouns, but primarily responds to male ones.

Julian Motgomery-Westwood

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: IN-014-D
Player: Mariah Daley

Name: Mariah Daley
Member Number: US2006078159
Domain: Indianapolis, IN