Juliette Morrison

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The Woman

Name: Juliette Morrison
Notable Traits: Air of Menace
Type: Beast
Character Type Subgroup: Eshmaki

A lifelong resident of Austin, Juliette Morrison is currently working as a environmental scientist working for the City of Austin. Her free time is spent with her biological family as well as her Beast "family", or at the Four Horseman. She can be overly blunt at times, and is known to be wary of involving the mortals in the trials and tribulations of the supernaturals. It comes from a place of caring, she promises.

The Myth

Juliette was plagued by nightmares of a mysterious rider that would chase down strangers in the night, holding their heads aloft to shine a light on those who tried to run. She came to know this creature as the Dullahan, and soon after it moved to take her soul.

The Legend


  • "My sister is a delightful caring woman. I just wish we got to spend more time together. She really knows how to appreciate chasing someone down as they flee in terror. Good times." - Marcus Cain
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OOC Information

Player: Chelsea R.
Player Email: CDScarber@gmail.com
Storyteller: John DiPietro
Storyteller Email: sc.austin.codx@gmail.com
Location: Austin, Texas