Juniper O'Connor

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“Perfection is, after all, a form of banality."-Elisa Braden


Name: Juniper "Wake of Scathach" O'Connor
Alternatively: Juniper Herennia

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Ragabash

Breed: Homid

Age: ???

Camp: Concordat of the Stars

Rank: Athro

Pack: Tuatha De Danann

Sept: Sept of the New Dawn


Juniper is a young woman who, for her introduction to the nation, knes very little about herself or what her beliefs about Garou society were prior to her first shift- but doesn't let that stop her from firming fast opinions on any subject regarding the Nation that crosses her way. Always ready for trouble, Juniper throws herself into situations far riskier than she should, her determination to keep up with Ahrouns and her boundless curiousity often proving more trouble than they're worth. While her distaste for that which she doesn't understand leads Juniper to have a bit of a rebellious streak, when push comes to shove the Fianna typically shows she knows how to put defiance aside for a more appropriate time.

A blacksmith and avid researcher of all things Fae, Juniper often seems all over the place- completely scatterbrained as she works between gatherings. She does, however, seem to care greatly for her pack, spending plenty of her off time with most of them- most of whom refer to her as her chosen nickname "The Cub". Very rarely does she seem to share her deed name (unless directly asked).

Lately, she's become heavily opinionated, and more and more outspoken about the treatment of Fera and Kinfolk in the Nation. Her combat skills have increased with her volume, adding a backing to her opinions that weren't quite there before.

She is the current Fool of the Sept of the New Dawns, and a recent mother of two boys: Romulus Herennia and Faustus "Remus" Herennia, the latter named after her father. She has dedicated her life to protecting her family and pack, through truth, law, and question.


  • Alarmingly sexual
  • Once drank Sean Connery under the table.
  • Will fight you.
  • Absolutely loves being referred to as “the cub”.
  • Has a hot uncle.
  • Will knife you.
    • Will not fork you.
  • Is actually a Hummel figurine that a fae sneezed on and brought to life.
  • Has a secret ceramic fairy statue collection somewhere in her room.
  • Secretly likes the spider more than she lets on.
  • Actually a lot scarier in combat than she thinks she is.
  • Fought someone because they made fun of Nickelback.
  • Add stuff!


  • "Ah, the reason why I was convinced 'Ragabash' meant 'attention whore' in some dead language. She's smarter than she looks, and loyal to a fault to us. If the contest was based on wanting to win for the best intentions, I'd place my bets on her." -Amber Lauren
  • "There are times that I realize she's a lot wiser than people give her credit for. And then she opens her mouth. No, no - I kid. In all seriousness, her excitement is refreshing. It's easy to become jaded in difficult times - I hope she never loses her sense of enthusiastic wonder. " - River "Sings in Defiance" Forsythe
  • "Anyone who can leap face first into a Giant Enemy Crab is cool in my book." Markos Spiros
  • "Cute as a button and drinks like a fish. Like some kind of sexy button fish. I think this is love." Brandy
  • "Add Yours Here." Your Name

Juniper and Marius engaged in a fight


Enemies & Rivals

  • Marius Copernicus - Person to cause no end of trouble for (when not in a time of war)

Out of Character Information

Player: Kya Harris US2015090022

Storyteller: Daniel T. Goode

Location: San Diego, CA