Justice in the Shadows

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Deed Name: Justice in the Shadows

Human Name: Matthew Lewis-O'Connor

Notable Traits: Justice in the Shadows does not seem concerned with upholding the stereotype of the stern and quiet Philodox. He acts rather casually, and seems to relish a sense of humor and whimsy with everything he does. He openly jokes as if he was a ragabash and has a galliard's sense of the dramatic. Equally, his attire is unorthodox, often dressed as if he came out of a renaissance festival. Yet when push comes to shove, he has shown the ability to quickly step up and organize large groups of people, creating structure out of chaos.


Society: Independant

Sept: Sept of the Unnamed


Mundane Life: Matthew is the son of two kinfolk women, one Child of Gaia and the other Kin of the Silent Striders. While it is rumored that the sperm donor was full Garou, the topic is not one that Matthew has ever shown any interest in exploring. As a family, it is known that they travelled in the nomadic circles of the renaissance faire and burner circuits. Matthew shifted relatively late in life, but thankfully the surprise did not wind up with anyone hurt.

Early Garou Life: Matthew had some difficulty adapting to Garou life, at least that of a cub. Strong willed and used to the freedom to explore things on his own, he was notoriously independent cub. That he seemed to show some measure of success in organizing his fellow cubs, only further exacerbated the reputation.

Cliath: Matthew's Rite of Passage was supposed to be a simple and straight forward one. To successfully observe and participate within a trial in Garou Society. Yet when Matthew had his doubts about the case, he insisted on confirming his suspicions. He begged an Adren of his tribe to take him into the Dark Umbra to find further witnesses. After much cajoling, the Adren relented and dragged Matthew into the Shadows of the Dead. Unperturbed, he began his inquisition of the restless dead found there. After hours of speaking with the deceased, he brought back testimony that proved essential to the trial, earning his Deed Name, "Justice in the Shadows".

Fostern:: Justice in the Shadows took to being a Cliath slightly better than being a cub, yet there was still a slight arrogance to him that it was felt might be tempered with humility. When the time came next for him to challenge for the right to be called Fostern, he was set to the task of accepting a challenge or task from someone in the septs he found himself in for no less than 3 cycles of the moon. At first, the tests were easy enough, but with that his pride further grew. Soon, sensing the incipient arrogance, those he challenged made it a point to give him increasingly difficult challenges and he started to fail them. His pride hammered, he struggled to finish the last month before returning and admitting his failure. His Challenge smiled and repeated the wording of the challenge. That he was to accept the challenges ahead, he did not have to win them, only never give up. The humbled Strider thanked him for the lesson and joined the ranks of the Fostern.

Adren: When it came time for Justice in the Shadows’ Adren challenge, he was given a tale of vengeance and justice. In the ancient days of the tribe, before they were cast out of Egypt, a treacherous Strider was lured by forces of the wyrm and betrayed their pack. The last member of the pack was given a weapon to help restore balance, allegedly sent by either Osiris or Anubis who plucked one of the fangs of the Devourer of the Wicked, Ammut, and cast it into the world. This fetish weapon had since been carried by numerous Striders, until it was lost in battle. Tales of it resurfaced in the hands of an leech cult to Set. Justice in the Shadows was able to track down the hiding place of the Fetish and led a small pack of Garou to recapturing the Tooth, using a combination of stealth and the element of surprise.

Justice in the Shadows was granted the rank of Adren and possession of the Tooth for his success.


  • The knife that he carries is actually a cursed weapon.
  • Tales say that he has been seen talking with Shadowlords believed to be Judges of Doom.
  • Rumor here.


  • "Let me get this straight, leadership potential for the fledgling Caern is determined by drinking ability and this guy lost the right to be Sept Alpha. I can't decided if this speaks well of him or poorly of him." - Jason Rykr
  • "Not a complete asshole or unable to take a joke. Two-in-one! That's a nice change of pace." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "A noble heart never forces itself forward. Its words are as rare gems, seldom displayed and of great value." - Tsomo
  • "He performs his function well even though he rarely asks the right questions." - Josiah
  • "I bet that he never leaves his home again without packing his Klaive. Such as shame it was not to be able to see him in action. Although his Philodoxing was one of the best things about visiting San Antonio while he was there." - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "The Strider seemed eager to insert himself into Sept issues and offer the services attributed to his auspice." - Amos Fannon
  • "Fairness is in this one's nature, though looking at him would not suggest a level head on those shoulders- he stepped through a murky problem and cut to the heart of it, even when it was not his to resolve." - Fiera de la Camada
  • "While his attempt at discerning the truth was awkward, it couldn't be helped. He made the best of a bad situation with cowardly Fera." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "He's a calm voice of reason whose counsel I cherish. Eight Rounds Rapid
  • "A most interesting Garou. I much enjoy the conversations we have held, though he has a habit of taunting me with the start of thoughts he will not share." - Beatrice Grant
  • "Intelligent, patient. He is a good friend, and good at seeing the truth of things. He taught me much in a short time, and will be a good influence in dark times." Momfriend
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OOC Information

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