Justyna Dziubek

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  • Any Bahari
  • Most Path Dead as well

Name: Justyna Dziubek

Notable Traits: Long grey hair, usually colorful clothing, think Polish accent, usually on some form of hallucinogen.

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Current Location: Dallas

Known by Kindred Society

Justyna Dziubek spent years as an Unaligned Kindred after coming to America in the mid 1960s, where she made a name for herself as a seer and knowledgable in many forms of divination. After Joining the Anarch Movement in the late 1980s, she become a vocal opponent against the practice of blood-bonding and borderline aggressive regarding the Path Dead, especially the Bahari. She moved to Atlanta in May of 2018, where she was one of the very few Anarchs to not join the United Free States within the area.

In March of 2019 Justyna was accepted into the Ivory Tower, seen as a prodigy among them and given the status afforded to Elders. When questioned, Justyna merely states "Boons buy compliance, not consent." She is often in the company of Vincent Kardos of clan Ventrue, "Fucking" Hollis, and Anarch of clan Toreador, and the Daughter of Cacophony Prudence. She recently relocated to the Dallas domain with these three kindred.



  • She murdered her sire and fled to the US.
  • Despite being vocal about her hatred for blood bonds, Justyna is blood bound by one of her frequent associates.
  • Justyna hates almost all other Malkavians.
  • Although she appears to be a pacifist, she will hunt down and kill the Path Dead.
  • Despite recently becoming an elder of the Tower, Justyna is in love with a young caitiff.
  • Is actually Sascha Vykos, for real.
  • She had a ghoul for the entire time she was an Anarch.
  • Justyna only embraces those addicted to some form of drug. That's why her new childe is so fucked up.


  • I have never heard of her being anything but honorable. She is a paragon of what her clan could be. - Apocryphus
  • Justyna is like a poisonous flower; incredibly lovely... but dangerous in the most unexpected of ways. - Lacey
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OOC Information

Player: Kimberly Cooper

Player Email: bunny.kimber@gmail.com

Storyteller: Samuel G.

Storyteller Email: nwga.Masquerade@gmail.com

Location: Rome, GA