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Commonly Known Information

Jyl-404 is a synth in the service to The Grand Duchess Amalthia (Player: Mallory Cole) in the Sonom system. Not much is know about her before she went into the Grand Duchesses' service but she bears the remnants of a corporation sigil, bar code and serial number under her wig that someone has taken great pains to remove. She dresses primarily in a pink Lolita style maid's outfit and ruffles as her mistress is fond of "pretty flowers" so she tries her best to be a pretty flower.

There is obviously something quite wrong with her as her movements are jarring and her voice no longer sounds human. The places that have been patched with synthetic skin are very apparent and she no longer has synthetic skin covers on her mechanical legs and arms. Those with any mechanical aptitude can tell that she is riddle with plug ins and many of them are malfunctioning and are unfixable. Trying to fix one would result in a domino effect of plug in and systems failure. In fact, you are not really sure how she is still functioning at all-maybe on super glue, duct tape, and a prayer. Those with an aptitude for psychology can tell that there is something wrong with her mind which may be due to the malfunctioning plug ins in her head.

A normal synth in her sorry state would be put down but for some reason The Grand Duchess keeps her around weather it be out of nostalgia or because she finds her still useful. She is not a particularly effective domestic but she has been known to make an incredibly good cup of tea which she is quite proud of. She seems fairly simple minded and straight forward. She really likes to make friends but her social protocols have long since been damaged causing some of her interactions and social gestures such as smiling to be very unnerving (Intimidation 5: Unnerving smile). Once she makes "friends" she is extremely loyal and wants nothing more in life than to help them...which can sometimes become a problem in it's own.


  • Magnus Shrike
  • Ramesses
  • The Grand Duchess Amalthia
  • Gregory (Sonom's AI)
  • Bosch
  • Kiska'alli'saerethe of House Celandine aka Lady Kallis Celandine of Oasis
  • Dusty
  • The Ami
  • Jak
  • Dr. Laxx
  • Glitterbeard


  • Jyl-404 is capable of laying "eggs" even though she is a synthetic human.
  • Some of the "eggs" Jyl lays explode.
  • Jyl was once a pirate and still hordes her pirate treasure.
  • Jyl was purchased on the black market by her current employer, The Grand Duchess Amalthia, and is illegal merchandise.
  • Jyl makes the best tea in the verse.
  • Jyl is more metal than flesh.
  • Jyl is a domestic model but is not particularly great at her function.


  • BOSCH: "Ooo I like your hair!" JYL-404: "It is a wig. Would you like it? We could be friends!" *takes off wig and hands to Bosch. BOSCH:"Ooooo *chitters*"
  • BAR PATRON:" So you said you are "broken". Maybe I could fix you?" JYL-404: "Many of my plugins are very broken and unsalvageable. But it is ok for I will die soon! *Smiles with far too much teeth* BAR PATRON:"..." *horrified sad face*
  • "I make the best tea in the Verse! Ok....maybe not.. I make the best tea on the station!" - Jyl-404
  • JYL-404: "I have gotten rid of all of annoying cats on the ship." THE GRAND DUCHESS: "But we don't have any cats on the ship!" JYL-404:" I know, you are welcome! Enjoy the stew." THE GRAND DUCHESS: "..."
  • "She makes the best tea in the verse. I don't drink tea but I know better than to argue the point." - Magnus

Musical Inspirations

OOC Information

Player:Corinne Reif
Storyteller:Joseph Immel
Location:Rohnert Park, CA (Sonom)