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Where's the fucken party, ay?

Karnivalesque Kalypso,
"Kalamity" Kim Ryder,
(Miss Bitch To You)


Mass Embraced




Ductus of the Mercurial Fucks, BOIARs, or whatever name they go by at the time
Warchief of the Diocese-in-Exile of Montreal

Lucian Antonescu Ravnos, Ravnos, Priest
Giulia Aurora Piccola Suora, Lasombra, Abbot
The Basilisk, Malkavian
Siffer Yvan Xander (SYX), Pander


Diablerie Count:
1 Ventrue

Praise Caine Taburnak!

Clan relatives?
Cathari playpals?
Nomad packs?
Devil's Rejects?
Did you kill my ghoul, you bastard?

OOC Information

Nessie Mu

Stephen McCavour

Character Location:
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

"Rifles are just things that hold bayonets and Herd is for bad hunters."

Notable Traits

  • Flesh of the Corpse
  • Vicissitude'd eyes (double iris)
  • Short Fuse
  • Path of Enlightenment
  • Keeps a pet Grizzly bear that wears a hat


  • Declared Loyal by Cardinal Yithzak in 1998
  • Helped save a decent chunk of the Montreal Alexandrium
  • Co-established Club L'Écarlate in 2003
  • Called absolute dibs on an Infernalist hunt in a faraway domain
  • Made an Infernalist cry
  • Declared Courageous by Archbishop Deliverance Dane of Ocean View, MD
  • Declared Battle-Scarred and Devout for command of a very successful Infernalist purge on the home front
  • Visited Enoch and witnessed the fate of the Father of Murder

The Story So Far

Somewhere in the godforsaken fields of Manitoba, in an old farmhouse that sheltered so many dark secrets, pleading to collapse on itself due to the test of time, that is where once Ryder grew up. Papa was a psycho alcoholic that used to sell and beat Ma, then his girlfriends after he locked Ma away for good. He used to beat Ryder, too, because she wasn't really his. All the uncles that used to come by stopped coming by after Papa's basement was made full of their bodies as well. Then the cops came, shoutin' at Papa, he shot at 'em first, he fell first. In the end, Papa was pretty weak. Ryder didn't feel sad, though she was impressed with the manners of cruelty with which he had run his household.

Ryder's aunt, with whom she was placed, was a staunch catholic who promised hellfire on everyone for every little thing. So Ryder started stealing, smoking, running away and getting in trouble with the locals. And as soon as she was of legal age, they kicked her out. She didn't feel sad at that time either.

Ryder never bothered to have a family of her own; she joined the Canadian Forces because she liked to shoot guns and she didn't give a rat's ass about anyone. She butted heads with her officers a lot, but she got the job done and she was thirsty for action. After 5 years on active duty, she burned out because she couldnt take the authority anymore and the pay was shit. She was shifted to K-9 MP, but the deskjob absolutely bored her. She stole the dog and quit her job without a care. Ryder was gonna hit the road and be free.

Wellp, she got caught in Thunder Bay, and she did some military time in Petawawa. When she got cut loose, she headed south, thumbing towards Toronto, and got picked up by a merry gang of bikers. They all said Fuck the Man and drove off into the sunset. When they reached the city, they dropped her off downtown and she found the first small bar that served piss-flavored beer, got in a fight, and laid out everyone that came at her while the music was playing. She crawled through sixteen pubs in three nights before she got picked up by the cops again. They roughed her up a little and she kinda liked it, but the word was out on the streets that she was looking for a scrap.

The twenty-seventh pub hosted a band of thugs with sharp blades. She invited them to a fair brawl and she got stabbed in the scuffle that ensued. She slabbed two of them right then and there, putting another one in a coma; she fled the scene, seriously injured. A few dozen blocks away, she broke into the back of a tatto parlor to catch up on whatever breath she had left in her. She slumps against the wall, holding her bloodsoaked side. She is in bad shape, something really hurts inside, and she figured she had lost a lot more blood than she should have.

"I haven't .... had enough fun yet..."
A door nearby swings, makes her open her eyes. an eerie laugh.
"You don't say. Boy oh boy will you like this program."

Kept alive and dragged up to Montreal where she was Embraced by a pack of self-indulgent Gangrel, then buried in the mountain. Her mind makes contact with the THING in the mountain, the demon of incomprehensible scale and malevolence, and she mentally flips it the bird.

Claws her way out of the soil, immediately starts running hard with the Gangrel Pack.

1990's: Oka Crisis. She earns her stripes with the Sabbat when she rips into a line of SWAT. Bites a corner off a riot shield and keeps the fragment as a souvenir.

Recurring dreams about the demon in the mountain burn a hatred of the infernal into her, and she gets invested in diving into battle frenzies. Elderly Viking mentor tells her about the Road of Einherjar and the Widows instruct her on Cathari because they want a bruiser who is aligned with them.

Giving in to temptation and guiding others ends up with her almost running a Fight Club style situation. Sticky situation ensues when several bikers from the wrong faction get impaled and the mob war she accidentally starts lets Camarilla/Anarch joint venture launch into Montreal. Feels responsible for a bit of Montreal’s fall but keeps it under her shirt.

1998: Ice Storm, Fall of Montreal. After witnessingthe ugly demise of her pals from the Widows pack she gains the status Loyal for helping the local branch of the Sabbat execute a graceful exit from the island after it falls to the joint efforts of the Camarilla and their Anarch pets. It is also how she packs up with her running mates who endure in modern nights, forming the, uh, Space Ghost Wolves. or whatever they decide the name of the pack is.

2002: Something happens to the Gangrel bloodline and for a week, they can’t speak any language, understand any technology to speak of. She ends up playing Fury Road in rural Quebec, hunting cars on the highway. There are old news articles about a feral moose dating back to this. She doesn’t really remember why it happened or much of what happened, but she has the unsettling feeling that it had broad ramifications.

2009: The demon is banished and she feels the nightmares and rage disappear, leaving a big hole in her heart that used to be full of anger. She starts branching out with Cathari and getting into corrupting mortals in an even broader sense, hitting up casinos and smuggling stations in Vermont, gets involved in gun running and drug smuggling.

2018: Thirsty for destruction, Ryder answers the beckoning howl of a war party led by Deliverance Dane of Ocean City, MD. Accompanied by her pack she joins forces with over 70 faithfuls of Caine to battle the demonic hordes of Dylan Cassidy, a fallen Gangrel. There she earns her most important scars yet, but she fights through and takes her pack back home, whole and crowned as war heroes.

2019: It turns out that the demon is not so banished, as its power is felt among Cainites and cattle alike. The newly appointed Archbishop of the Diocese and his childer are the first to succumb to the Infernal sickness that plagues the shore. In response, Ryder and the Ducti form a War Council to keep the packs on track. She personally leads the Diocese in an assault against the Infernal forces that result in a tremendous territorial gain for the Sword. The new Archbishop, Brother Mako, recognizes her as a capable commander upon his own ascension to the Big Chair.

(Add your own) Rumors
  • Has a really disgusting permanent wound caused by Vicissitude
    • Also, after some experimentation, it turns out it feels pretty good to get fucked in it
  • Collects firearms, but never actually needed one
  • Has a deep-seated hatred of Infernalism and budgies
  • She kept a gal as a ghoul and made her take bumps of cocaine off the back of her hand, but that ghoul mysteriously got killed, possibly by a jealous rival who wanted to hit Ryder where it hurt. The simple mention of this will set her off on a rampage to find out who did it.
  • May or may not be the Hell Cop
(Add your own) Quotes
  • "Is she easy to deal with? Absolutely not. She makes one do the craziest things. But she loves ear scritches, and that's something enough to make up for it." - Giulia
  • "She's fun in a party, she's fun in a fight, and she'll headbutt an ox and win." - Lucian Antonescu Ravnos
  • "She has Fire, and a spine that may be truly metal. This fight will test that, but I have to admit I like this new Sister I have met." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "She arrived in a most unusual way. She fights with passion and vitality. I respect her relationship with her pack. She does it right." - The Flayed Man
  • "Damn, did she fight. She is made of steel, and just as sharp. Truly stunning to watch, and I look forward to seeing more." - Valerie Evans
  • "My Ductus is a brawler. That won't do. I need soldiers. She's good, but she needs to be the best." - The Basilisk