Kadir Abbas

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Known to the Sabbat

Kadir Relaxed for a Moment

Clan Position: None
Pack: TBA

  • Initiated in the Sabbat
  • Loyal by way of being A Loyalist

Titles: Loyalist
Prefered Form of Address: Bruh, Kadir
Generation: 9th
Typical Appearance: Dresses for the occasion, from priestly robes to business suits.
Notable Traits: Whisper of Life, Suffers from Amnesia, Known as a former Archbishop of Saint Christopher Island, Known as one of the first Setites to Defect to the Light. Surprisingly enough he is Humane.


Sire: TBA

Childer: TBA
Childer: TBA

  • Grand Childer: TBA
  • Grand Childer: TBA

Ghouls: TBA

Known Allies and Associates



  • 1517 – Born in Cairo Egypt
  • 1538 – Became a Ghoul to
  • 1543 – Was Embraced as a Follower of Set
  • 1600’s – Defects to the Sabbat.
  • 1666 – Moves to the area near Saint Christopher Island in the Carribean.
  • 1703 – Becomes Bathed as the Archbishop of Saint Christopher Island.

Begins building Sabbat power there. Serves as a way point stop to many of the Sabbat proceeding to the New World. (Will Pay for it from VIP Points)

  • 1703-1801 – Rules Saint Christopher Island building up resources and

arms for the Sabbat. In 1801 he falls in torpor in a battle against the Tremere.

  • 1901 – Awakened he notices that the Sabbat were not there for him. He

once was a Conservative Member of the Sabbat. But he noticed how one of his former Bishops took most of his resources, men, and more while he was sleeping in torpor. Angry over this he travels to the United States in the area in the North and finds out about the Loyalist Faction. He swears off positions of power in the Sabbat and becomes a Loyalist.

  • 1901-2017 – Travels the world, lending knowledge and help to those who

need it. He begins to develop his reputation. He builds a cult of hedonistic humans who worship Caine as God.


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Playlist of a Man

OOC Information

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Character Information
Clan: Serpents of the Light
Sect: Sabbat
City: Martinique
Player: Kenneth Green
Storyteller: Adam Smith

Player: Kenneth Green
Camarilla Number: US2006078107 Domain: Denver

Character Inspirations

  • TBA