Kain Lazarus

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Kain Lazarus


Written Words
Kain Con.png
Innate Status
  • Initiated
Abiding Status
Fleeting Status
  • Loyalist
  • Bishop of the Chicken Suit

Kain is a character to say the least. While other vampires are impeccably dressed he shows up in boxers a white shirt usually bloody and a ratty bathrobe. His hair is usually adorned in bed head. And he is fabulously sometimes decorated in the blood of his enemies. To accentuate his ensamble He also has a cup with blood coffee and drug of the week that says "blood of my enemies" on the front and right above that the name of a popular band "Justicar".

Usually he brings around a backpack with a long tube that is usually seen in artistic circles.

Kain has not only issues but volumes pun intended he gets headaches and when he does he ends up needing to paint and he does so obsessively.

Some might think him a malkavian? Except he doesn't look Vampiric, he looks human.

Notable Traits

  • Kain is intoxicated most of the time.
  • He usually seems to pull items out of nowhere. Does he have a bag of holding?
  • He is smarter than he originally comes off to be.
  • Is now Pander-Antitribu, until a new name is chosen.

The Thoughts of Others in my head


  • ""Hey ya.. kill those assholes.. Who were we talking about again? Oh right this is how we should do it let me get the lubricant for it." - Kain Lazarus


  • Kain is an Illusion
  • Kain is a Ravnos who can't help but lie.
  • Kain is a ghoul.
  • Kain is malkavian.
  • Kain took down a prince in Reno.
  • Kain and Mordechai took down an antedeluvian with Ketomine.
  • Kain is a seer.
  • Kain is too handicapped to be useful.