Kaitlyn Jones

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“The last to fall were the buildings, distant and solemn, the gravestones for an entire world.” ― Dan Wells

Kaitlyn Jones

Malkavian | Anarch | Loremaster | Ghenna Prophet |
Kine Influence | Hunter Manipulation | Alive?

A tall woman with long, green hair. Accented by gold and a patchwork green and brown robe. Unafraid of anything glitter or gold as long as it has a purpose, and seems to have several different pieces of jewelry representing the sun at any given point of time. Carrying a staff etched with the sun and cross. Healthy beyond what the kindred condition induces she is often mistaken for a ghoul. No one makes that mistake twice.


Denver, Colorado
Sect: Anarch
Domain: CO-016-D
Player: Alexis Dyer
VST: Selina Ostberg
DST: Kevin Wagnor
DC: Alexis Dyer



TransSunGraphic.pngSomeone started arguing with Katie once and questioning her commitment for not joining their gang. They ended up at the wrong end of a hunters stick not two nights later. Coincidence or not, Katie isn't confirming or denying that she had anything to do with it either.

TransSunGraphic.pngI swear this bitch is somehow manipulating us into believing she's one of us. She's human I tell you! She eats, she drinks, her heart fuckin' beats for cryin' out loud! Go on, Spirit Touch her ass and tell me I'm wrong. I guarantee she shows up human there too. Bet you a major boon she's still human!

TransSunGraphic.pngThis chick goes through boons worse than a kid in a candy store with daddies credit card. And it's not as if she's constantly paying them either. She gets more than her fair share, I'm sure. She always has someone she can call to cash in a debt.

TransSunGraphic.pngOkay, I know she is a Malkavian and all, but holy hell! She actually believes she is from the future. And if you ask her to predict something and she's wrong, she just says that it's just proof that the future is already changed in some way. Seriously - the future! She wouldn't stop babbling once and I swear there were claw marks and ash falling off her arm after a few minutes of it all. She had to have done it to herself. If she didn't know so damn much that was real and useful I'm sure someone would have reclaimed the blood by now.


TransSunGraphic.pngEmbraced by Laura Blake.
TransSunGraphic.pngEmbarked on Personal Journey to retrieve knowledge throughout multiple sects.
TransSunGraphic.pngReturned to Denver with a handful of followers to begin Sun Sanctuary Church.
TransSunGraphic.pngChurch becomes widely known amongst those in Denver as a possible Apocalypse Cult.
TransSunGraphic.pngSome hunters came knocking, and she warned the locals before anyone was even seen.
TransSunGraphic.pngStarts on a second local bunker location as cult expands with endorsement of local best selling author.
TransSunGraphic.pngVouched for local Camarilla Tremere squatting in territory. Rumored conditions for the voucher abound.
TransSunGraphic.pngJoined her gang, The Bridge Club, and took over as gang leader the same night.
TransSunGraphic.pngThe Camarilla move into Denver and she remains in Denver watching the problems continue to get worse while they fight each other. Katie builds relationships and seems to push people in directions that serve the city, but what would happen if she left it alone? Maybe the Camarilla is no longer paying their rent...