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== Character Information ==

Name: Kallista Black

Deed Name: Night’s Keres (/ˈkɪriːz/ (Κῆρες))

Tribe: Ajaba

Auspice: Dusk

Rank: Adren

Sept: Sept of Victor's Stand


Current Wherabouts: DECEASED

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== Pack ==

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Name: Damage Inc.

Totem: Fog

Purpose: Recovery of lost lore and items, both Garou and Fera, as well as infiltration/recon team.

Alpha: Kallista

  • Ed - Ajaba - Beta - DECEASED
  • Maggie - Ratkin - Lore/Rites Master

== Appearance ==

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Homid: Kallista is tall for a woman standing at 6’0” with an athletic build. She has short brown hair, hazel eyes with a violet center (due to central heterochromia), and an infectious smile. She dresses business casual in a dress shirt, tie, vest and jeans and black boots. Never seen in public unarmed.

Hyaenid: Striking striped hyena female

Crinos: A larger version of her hyeanid form

== Distinguishing Characteristics ==

  • Phoenix tattoo on her back covering scars.
  • Scars on her right leg from a Simba attack.
  • Merit: Arcane: (She is) mystically shrouded from notice... (see merit for details)

Lineage: Children of Alnilam - Unknown to Kal as she has yet to meet any of her family

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== Associates ==

== Rumors ==

  • Killed a lioness on her solo mission and her fetish is made from the leg bone.
  • Once killed a vampire from fifteen hundred yards out with an explosive round to the heart. She was using a pistol at the time.
  • Won the favor of Hephaestus in Mount Olympus
  • Assisted in taking down the Kraken and used the gift she received from Hephaestus to do it.

== Quotes ==

  • "She is an excellent shot. She can hit a pimple on an elephant's ass from a hundred yards away." - Ed
  • "Like every rose... She's beautiful to behold, soft to touch, but if you're not careful, those thorns will remind you to take care." -Cullen O'Meara
  • "I once came across a young woman cornered by two vampires and as I approached, I stepped on and shattered a pane of glass that caused the two bloodsuckers to look in my direction. The next thing I knew, all that was left of them was drifting ash." - Kieran McNamara
  • "Kal knows how to let things go to get things done. Gotta admire that in a woman."- Missy
  • "She is tough and smart, Crunch would listen to her even if she wasn't a she." - Crunch
  • "A bit inclined to fight, but an invaluable ally to have in one."- Tills the Wyrm

= The Fallen ==

== Music ==

== Inspiration ==

  • Alex Danvers (Supergirl)
  • Winchesters in Supernatural
  • A little bit of Seth (From Dusk Till Dawn)
  • Billy Rocks (Magnificent Seven 2016) Knife skills!
  • Christian Wolff (The Accountant)

== OOC Information ==

Player: Cassy Hunkins
MES #: US2005033126
Domain: Shrine of the Crimson Star, Co-012-D, Pueblo, Co
ST: Forrest Holt

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