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Character Information

Name: Kalophis the Preserver
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Description: An Egyptian man in his early thirties with a pot belly and a gleam in his eye.
Sire: Sekhem
Title or Position:

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Banu Sekhem.

The Sleeping Lord


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• Born 518 to a young Scholar in Alexandria and his wife.

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• Embraced in 544 to a Setite Sorcerer, inducted into the Cult of Typhon Trismegistus

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• 2018- Kalophis is awoken and subsequently receives a request of assistance from a descendant in the new world. He travels to Washington to assist the young Setite in his role of becoming a Priest.


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His hatred of the Assamites is so great that he has a pig ghouled and named after their progenitor.

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He eats the flesh of his victims.


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Just because you see it as debasing yourself doesn't mean the act doesn't have value. - Kalophis

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If you are going to start a fight with Kalophis you'd better throw the first punch and make it count. - Tachenef

OOC Information

Player: Jason Viss
Membership Number: US2014070066
Location: Tri-Cities
VST: Kermit James, VST

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