Kaneko Eren

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Kaneko Eren
Notable Traits: Geisha
Clan: Daughter of Cacophony


Kaneko was trained to be a Geisha since she was a small child. So when she was in her teens and finally graduated into the full fledged ranks it was not a surprise to anyone.She traveled the world with an 'Oriental' show for many years after that, giving Westerners a taste of the far East when it was just a scratch of ink on a map. But the world got smaller and those kinds of shows became obsolete, and as they did she went into her own special kind of retirement. She is currently the Architect in Greensboro NC, just outside of Raleigh.

Known Family

Ruby Atomic
Violet Supernova

A lady Never Tells

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  • Le chagrin, j'ai appris, c'est vraiment de l'amour. C'est tout l'amour que tu veux donner, mais tu ne peux pas. Tout cet amour inutilisé se rassemble aux coins de vos yeux, la boule dans votre gorge, et dans cette partie creuse de votre poitrine. Le chagrin est juste de l'amour sans endroit où aller. - Ruby Atomic

Known Associates

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OOC Information

Player: Adie R

Player Email: mes.adie.nc@gmail.com

Storyteller: Tim Swiger

Storyteller Email: anarch.raleigh.vst@gmail.com

Location: Raleigh, NC