Kara Faye-Locke

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Kara Faye-Locke

Notable Traits: Dancer by trade, tall, lithe, graceful, and ever ready for action. She is versed in many forms of performance and social dancing; from ballet to ballroom, modern to multi-cultural. Hair varies in color, often purple, though also shades of blue, pink, or jet black. Prefers dark dresses at court, or light blouses and skirts with plenty of leg room. She is goal-oriented and grows quickly impatient when idle. She prefers to be in motion, whether in dance or toward achieving her objectives. At times playful & flirty, serious & respectful as needed, or somber and deeply angry.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador


Boston native who was embraced during a walkabout she took after the death of her husband. After training with her sire and curating her dance company, the Locke-Step Dance Collective, she returned to Boston to be of service to the Camarilla in its fight against the oppressive police state endangering their society and other threats to the Masquerade.


  • She is proud of her Ishtarri blood.
  • Her husband was murdered by police in front of her in her mortal life.


  • "Let's dance..."
  • "It is not normally my habit to force someone I do not know well into a tense situation, but neither will I leave a neonate to suffer when I can alert his clan to his plight. With the precision and discipline of a dance instructor, Whip Faye-Locke maneuvered that situation with the grace and discipline of the dancer she is, and so we all learned something about her that night. Some members of the Tower would rather leave the vulnerable to suffer rather than expose themselves to risk, but Kara Faye-Locke is no coward. She stands by her clan and her convictions, and thus I have great hope for her, and perfect faith that the Toreador of Boston are in good hands." - Dottie Youngblood



OOC Information

Player: Tone B.

Player Email: SeeDarklyX@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jason B

Storyteller Email: st.masq.nhma@gmail.com

Location: Boston, MA