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Subject Profile

Name: Karen Clarke
Type: Vampire

Subtype A: Tremere Subtype B: Camarilla
Subtype A Status: House Kincaid Subtype B Status: Neonate


Location: Austin, Tx
Allegience: Camarilla

Social Status: Neonate


OOC Contact: Kate P.
Member Number: US2010127169
ST Contact: [mailto:]


Those who have managed to interact with her in person, her least favorite means of communication, note that Karen is somewhat plain, with warm brown hair, curling slightly with bangs perched over dark-framed spectacles. A distinctive scar crosses her right elbow, though she prefers a wardrobe out and about of pants suits to hide it. Within the Chantry she prefers t-shirts and yoga pants.


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Often viewed as somewhat distant or robotic, Karen is known for meticulousness and the proud Tremere tradition of the thaumaturgical Path of Paperwork, preferring exactness in her work where she can manage it.

Type-Specific Behavior

Camarilla: A Tremere neonate who is fond of educating others on a variety of subjects, especially the importance of digitizing one's library, and mostly manages to be sincere rather than annoying about it. She is happy to provide guides to a range of activities and technology for anyone who requests it, custom ones available for some payment.

Tremere: Apprentice of the Third Circle, who took as many extra training classes before release as she was allowed to. She is known not to seek out promotion, as then she wouldn't have the convenient excuse of her rank for not leaving her computer. Her report filing is excessive to say the least.

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  • Any file labeled: .BMP, .RAW, .BAT, or with MULTIPLE file types in the title
  • Anyone who still uses Genre Classification Systems in their Library

Skills and Equipment

Most of Karen's time is spent on research and education, balancing her own projects with assisting her clan and sect in diversifying it's knowledge base. She is well known for assisting with easy-to-use tech interfaces and primer guides on different parts of the modern world, having accumulated a large library of them to draw from. Digital libraries are her fervent passion, believing that the knowledge Kindred possess need not be put at risk by a digital medium, in fact it is best secured in it. One of her first guides was in the process of digitizing a physical library and back-up storage.

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Records & Reviews


Required Reading

Internal Reviews

Personal recordings.

  • "The only information better stored in a non-digital format is genitalia."
  • Filing her thrice-weekly reports:
Her: "Where did all the annotation stickers go?"
Other Apprentice: "We stopped ordering them in the hope with fewer to use you'll write less reports."
Her: "...I knew I should have studied Conjuration."

External Reviews

Quotes from others.


  • She's actually an AI designed by a Technomancer
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