Karl Bratovich

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Karl Bratovich



Commonly Known Information


Name: Karl Bratovich

Notable Traits: On a Path. Immensely Charming.

Sect: Sabbat

Clan: Tzimisce

Path: Cathari

Faction: Status Quo

Positions and Titles: Ductus, Zhupan

Pack: The Unbridled

Apparent Age: late 30s? often looks older

Generation: 9

Born: 1837

Embraced: 1875

Sire: Unknown (NPC- Mexico?)

Known Childer: Daisy Mae Bratovich (NPC-Deceased), Leslie Zantosa (NPC-Deceased?)

Grandchilder: Patsy Jolene Bratovich, Promena



Initiated as True Sabbat

Blessed as Ductus


What's He Like?

Karl fancies himself a classic Southern Gentleman and Renaissance man absolutely enraptured by life itself; and the alternative as well. He speaks slowly and softly most of the time, yet somehow commanding patience and attention as his words flow captivatingly from his mouth. Clever and cunning with a sharp silver tongue, Karl is the sort who could sell snake oil to a snake and then convince it that making it into even more snake oil would be just a dandy idea. He commands respect with a velvet glove approach, implying of course that the glove in question is in fact filled with something insidious and deadly. Karl is perhaps somewhat vain, but who could blame him being as fine a creature as he is? Highly succeptable to flattery? Perhaps, but he prefers to think that he inspires eloquence and honesty in one who would indulge him so. He has a fatherly demeanor toward any and all he understands would respond to that approach, and otherwise gives orders with such a natural flair and even tone that is seems obvious that was what he was born to do. His hedonism and hospitality are legendary and he takes great care in making sure as many as possible around him are comfortable and able to focus on approaching their purpose (whatever he perceives their purpose to be) with enthusiasm and dedication. His down home wit and wisdom give him a strange combination of an aristocratic bearing and a rustic simplicity and that is also apparent in the trappings he surrounds himself with displaying an epic materialistic hedonism tainted with the tackiness of a white trash budget and sensibilities.


  • 1837: Born in Nelson County Virginia
  • 1850: Most of his family wiped out by Lupines. Young Karl was injured by one and fled, hiding in a silver mine where he was trapped for several days. Taken in by a small family of Zantosa and blended in at their Shennendoah Valley plantation.
  • 1861: Conscripted into Confederate Army. Convinced them he was a medical doctor and conned his way into becoming a commissioned officer in a relatively safe support unit that stayed deep behind Confederate lines.
  • 1864: Seeing the inevitable defeat of the Confederacy, "Doctor" Bratovich deserted and fled to Texas where he tracked down a branch of his kin who immigrated there with the influx of Germans to the region in the 1840s.
  • 1865: Established himself with, and through manipulation, seduction, and undermining the competition became the patriarch of the Bratovich family in the region. Over the next decade he fathered several children by several different women and would begin directing branches of the family to spread from him around the state and beyond.
  • 1875: Having been noticed for his dedication to his Family being a resource for the Sabbat in this untapped area, Karl was summoned across the border, to what is now Nuevo Laredo, and Embraced. He speaks of his Sire with a mixture of reverence and fear, never using a name or even a gender but rather referring cryptically on occasion to "It", or "That which remade me".
  • 1876: Became True Sabbat and overseer of the Revenant family, directing their services to the Sabbat in cities across Texas. He would serve in small nomadic packs and travel as much as logistically possible over the next couple decades but return to his family as often as possible to direct them.
  • 1951: On one of his return trips to his Virginia home he paid his final favor to the family that took him in by Embracing Leslie Zantosa after a short and decadent fling. The androgynous aspiring thespian would infiltrate Anarchs in Washington DC and become a fixture in the blossoming Beat movement and later the Dupont Circle gay scene. Leslie would decades later discover and Embrace a young woman who would call herself Promena.
  • 1964: Karl Embraces his direct descendant great-great granddaughter, Daisy Mae Bratovich soon after her young daughter by a passing trucker was weaned. The child, Patsy Jolene Bratovich, became something of an experiment in 'free range child rearing' and grew up as much in the kennels as under the care of various aunts, uncles, and cousins; as well as the watchful eyes of her mother and 'PaPaw' Karl. Daisy Mae would later Embrace her child when she came of age.
  • 2002: When San Antonio fell under the attacks of Hunters and Anarchs, Karl and Patsy were safe enough in their rural homestead near Hondo. It was nothing really for them at the Bishop's urging to have the mobile home Bratovich Compound uprooted and relocated further west toward Uvalde. Karl maintained a curious and somewhat disturbing level of cool and calm in this situation, as he had positioned himself on the outside in relative safety, working as he had for decades as more of "Support Personnel" to the City's Sabbat. Perhaps, he was biding his time? He declared his intent to aseemble a new pack or those who survived the battles or were to come in as reinforcements later.



---Zeke--- 6'9" 400# mountain of a man with a bald head and long grizzly beard. Zeke acts as Karl's personal bodyguard, valet, and driver. His skin and bones are extremely dense and his rib cage fused together making him highly resilient. Zeke is quiet and stoic and the eldest of the Revenants who all call him "Uncle Zeke" regardless of their relation to him.
---Jimmy Bob and Bobby Jim--- Scrawny, gap toothed identical twins only distinguishable by having one blue eye and one green eye on different sides of their faces, and one being left handed and the other right handed (with their off hands covered in elbow length gloves concealing their 'deformity' (body weaponry). It is said they were actually born Conjoined Twins due to the wonky inbred genetics of the family and that Karl seperated them when they were teenagers. They fight incessantly and he rejoins them when they get out of hand until they get along again.


OOC Information

Player: Fred Goulden

Player Email: fredgoulden@gmail.com

Storyteller: Troll Sandoval

Storyteller Email: sabbat.sanantonio@gmail.com

Location: San Antonio