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Great-Great-Great Grandsire
Siegrid of the True North
















Karma was known for her colorful language as well as hair. This neonate with a Valley Girl accent was a staunch defender of her fellow clanmates during her tenure as Primogen. More prone to party, than brawl, she didn'thesitate to leap into either circumstance. She seemed to involve herself in any situation where she felt someone was being unfairly oppressed.

Unofficially the little sister of most of her clan, when you saw her, there was probably a gang of Brujah not far away. It's not clear if she was in charge of them, or they were in charge of keeping her out of trouble.

She was known for being the last person to see Cornelia Mowebary alive, when she was assassinated outside a Brujah rant. Questions about the incident, tended to bring an aggressive response, as it was obvious she felt responsible. The care she took of Brioche made it evident she was at least fond of the deceased Ventrue.

Entrusted with guarding Kira Mantle at her own wedding, much to her dismay, she failed in guarding her charge, again. Anyone speaking with her about it heard her grumble something about being cheated out of triumphant. Since that day, she's seemed to look at the Setites a bit differently as she's seen their murder of a Tower member.

At the Brujah gathering during the Founder's Day Ball, Karma accused Siegrid of abetting and letting Sanctuary members kill Mowebary, despite Siegrid herself giving Hospitality, and hanging Karma out to dry if she happened to be killed. She demanded a Gauntlet, and Siegrid summarily walked out without answering the charges. Since this time, a good portion of the younger Brujah of the Agmundr line, have sided with this neonate in her distrust and no longer follow Siegrid's lead.

It was been noticed that she often had visions that seemed to cause her great distress, and started speaking of ancient puppet masters, eons old, who were manipulating all the Elders, and pushing Theo Bell to quit the Tower. Whether she was crazy, or seeing true visions, it was a source of some dispute.

The Harpy of Paris hosted a viewing of documents in Little Rock a short time ago, and the Harpy of Little Rock, Gideon Haven, decided to antagonize her over how little her clothes covered, and questioned her sexual proclivities. Later at the event, she and a small gang of other women were seen to beat him near to torpor before allowing him to escape. Karma claimed his hat as a trophy and was seen putting it on her dog, Brioche.

At the recent Regional Conclave in Canada, she was seen exchanging heated words with Prince Thaddeus Moreau of Montreal, mostly in dispute over her mishearing him state something about warrior clans from an earlier vote. Her fury was evident, and it seemed she was at the point of punching him, when she suddenly grabbed him, a far different emotion now apparent on her features. He spoke a few words and she suddenly fled to the other side of the room, looking back at him, with both horror and longing evident on her face. Surprisingly, she served as his bodyguard the following night, though she noticeably avoided looking at him for any length of time, and beast traits were plainly evidenced for the entirety of the ball.

At the most recent Conclave in Scottsdale, Karma was once again serving as a bodyguard to Elder Prince Thaddeus Moreau. The same turmoil of emotions towards him, evident to most. Later in the night, she almost frenzied on the Elder Tremere Dulche Trefau, who seemed to he taunting her over if she was Moreau's toy. After an angry tirade at the Elder stormed off only to rejoin her charge a short time later.

When she left the gathering with Moreau, Brick, and other acquaintances, they were ambushed and Karma killed in the resulting fall out. The things that were left behind from this firebrand, were a cracked red glass heart with a rough "K&P 4Ever" scratched into the back, her Loki charm.

Searches in her party yacht haven would yield a notebook showing rings, ragged pages, cities being destroyed, and diary notes about being so in love with numerous kindred over the span of a few years and then fixating on a T and a P towards the end.

OOC: This Character is Deceased

Clan: Brujah
Titles:Primogen of Austin
Real Name: Moonflower Karma Pilates
Apparent age: 20s
Fleeting Status:
Favored by Thaddeus Moreau
Favored by Olaf Magnusson
Courageous by Olaf Magnusson
Honorable by Olaf Magnusson Prince of Austin

Known Allies:

Its Complicated:

Karma tended to wear her signature dark pink leather jacket, leather leggings, and knee high laced boots. Her hair was as loud as her voice, multicolored, and typically up in a fauxhawk. An *Absent Sway Mischievous* Loki pendant was prominently displayed at her breast, that she played with whenever she was agitated.

Despite being quick to answer any challenge, she also tended to be one of the most reasonable members of her Clan in Austin. If you could get past her accent.


By Herself:

  • "Ke$ha is like totally my soul animal!"
  • "Like gawd, you could like at least buy me something before trying to like sleep with me"
  • "Wow, like, you are such fucking like bullyboy for the patriarchy. I can not even."

By Others:

  • "She showed me a good time once. I still dream about it." - Rivkah
  • "Now this one is a right fireball. You best be careful if you think you are gonna tame her, lest you come back singed" - Keith Campbell
  • "You know what they say about karma. Or maybe you don't. Just don't cross her." - Simon Flint
  • "Oh you'll know her when you see her. She's one of a kind and I like it that way." - Payback
  • "Hun har lyse farger som rustning, og jeg forstår ikke ofte hennes ord. Jeg forstår hennes lidenskap." Olaf
  • "Soooooo much fun. What a doll." - Madison Davis
  • "Oh, look! A Brujah that's basically an Anarch, but too scared to say it. Color me shocked." - Turmoil
  • "She inherited a larger share of her sire's recklessnes than of her wisdom. I do hope she mellows with age, as it would be shame to see such a delightful flame sputter." - Felix Winchester
  • "So, I get that she's thinks she's fucking edgy or whatever, but, why is she still licking the boots of elders in the Cam? She could do way better in the Movement. But, I guess Libertas, or whatever." - Britney Daye
  • "I ain't quite sure what part's the act an' what part's real, but I can say there are exactly zero Brujah like her. Payback's childer is an experience, that's for damn sure." - Clint
  • "You'd think I'd made some mistakes by now, but when Karma comes I can't manage to regret a thing." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "Karma is a result of her actions, as her name implies, and it is a singular delight to watch her work. I love seeing her in Florence, reaping the passion she puts into the world." - Lillian Chandler
  • "Karma is a tempest in bipedal form. This is not a bad thing. Our clan and the Camarilla requires the kind of passion possessed by her and others. Otherwise, I fear almost nothing would get done at all." - Amyntas
  • "Karma has an enduring warrior spirit and passionate intensity for her beliefs. If it does not get her killed, she will become a fine champion for our family and our clan." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "Any gathering, rave or kindred, is better for Karma being around. I'd even hand her the bottle back mostly as full as it was." - Liv MacDonald
  • "Siegrid, you smiled at me, and then suddenly a very loud Neonate painted with many colors screamed that I was loyal to the entire room. I later watched her wink at someone only to almost immediately overhear her threaten to beat someone 'like they stole something.' She is clearly related to you." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "She carries the Lord's wisdom in her youthful energy. Her methods are inconceivable, but her faith in her Lord and herself, though she may admit to only the latter, give her the strength to accomplish what she needs. Her trust is something you should covet." - Enzo Dubois
  • "She seems like someone who understands the joys passion. I hope I will see her often." - Alexandria Taylor
  • "I just love the visage. Her hair and makeup are very well put together... Enough to make you forget that her diction is horrendous." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "I don't think she likes for me some reason. I think she thinks I don't like her look, but really I do. I love love LOVE bright colors and that's all she's about. I wish I could pull off some of the colors she can." - Coby Hayes
  • "Like, OMG!! I totally luvluvluv her taste in clothes! They have great musical taste! And for relaxing, i find her to be jazzhands-bitchin'-outta-this-world!!" - Gabriel Kole
  • "She may ruin your good suit but trust me, you won't care once she's done."" - Zach Staley
  • "Beneath her frivolous party girl act beats the heart of someone genuinely concerned for humanity. Too bad that message can be lost because to use her own parlance "she's like totally obnoxious"" - Xavier Langston
  • "I know I need to actually get with her and her sire and party. I've been meaning to. I just have... a lot going on. I'm not trying to ditch, swear, I'm just... busy." - Britney Daye
  • "Yes, please. Look, I'm just saying, you tell me about a better vision of loveliness than Karma and I'll slap the lie out your mouth." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "She has the fire. Everyone should be so lucky as to have so fiercely loyal a compatriot." - William Campbell
  • "Dogs either have big bites or big barks, and she is a very loud Anarch." - Roman
  • "Why do people keep calling her an Anarch?" - Jonny Toxic
  • "Probably the best Brujah in her entire clan, unapologetically living one challenge- that others must prove it. She won't back down even in the face of an elder, won't apologize for who she is. I find most of who I meet of her blood merely endorse the creed, she lives each night in commitment to deed." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Resplendent and full of life, a truth I have come to envy in her. Almost all I need to know about Karma, is reflected in the eyes of those she holds dear. Little is more powerful than loyalty." - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "Say what you will, she will never make for a boring Primogen meeting. She is truly worth watching." - Gabriel
  • "I've known many individuals of Siegrid's blood, but none that have intrigued me or drawn my eye as much as Karma. I must know why." - Liam Kincaid
  • "I have had only a small handful of conversations with Karma, but I can assure you each one is burned into my memory." - Rosemary Cypress
  • "She is the embodiment of her family not by how she looks or talks... vampires are so easily distracted by these things... but by her loyalty." - Irma Kardoș
  • "Even considering her sire's presence in the city, it's easy to see that Karma is the de facto leader of our clan in Austin. Wherever she goes-- whatever decision she makes-- the others follow. In this, at least, she keeps the spark of the blood alive." - Ezra of the Vanguard
  • "She is an almost perfect blending of Beauty and the Beast." - Samuel Hayes
  • "She looks like different coloured highlighters spewed all over her. But she is pretty cool." - Juniper Durham
  • "Karma didn't know me, but she had my back during a moment that terrified me. Whether it was for her own amusement, or because she knew it need to happen doesn't matter. She'll go into the foxhole with a strange anarch and that makes her pretty fucking awesome in my Book" - Senna Solano
  • "She is someone to keep an eye on. I anticipate great, or at least interesting, things from her." - Asher Meier
  • "Oh. Wow. She's a walking rainbow!" - Claire Bradford
  • "When my sister and I get together there are balls and blood. It is always a good time....unless you are in our way." - Vengeance
  • "The Brujah of Austin are lucky to have such a role model, her leadership no doubt responsible for their overwhelming subtlety, wit and charm." - Charles Blaine
  • "She's strong willed and a competent warrior, I just wish she'd learn the difference between determination and petulance. Still, I love her like a daughter." - Egil Agmundr
  • "Could she be any more fierce? I don't know if you can give a vampire life but damn if she isn't trying. Though I wish the flaky Tremere didn’t try and pimp her." - Anthony Milliner-Ellison
  • "Who? Really? My predecessor may have had taken a shining to her, but then again, she did have a fondness for ill-bred yappy things." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Met her in Houston with a few other Brujah. Dude, Why didn't anyone tell me Brujah are this much fun?" - Trip Line
  • "When it comes to making the Brujah clan feel like a family, Karma is queen." - Waylon
  • "We don't always get each other, but you were the one I wanted from the start. You weren't a war thing or a mortally wounded thing. Enough of the sappy shit." - Payback
  • "Who, Karma? No, she's like, the best. God damn it, now she has me doing it too...I need to go back to sea..." - Väinämöinen Takala
  • "She might not be what I thought she was. She might be better. I'll find out some time." - Clint
  • "Miss Pilates is a beautiful, passionate creature of justice and righteous indignation and I'm not worthy to be so much as glowered at by such pure truth. She's not just spirited--she's Free Spirited, and woe to the hater who attempts to hide her light under bushel." - Cub
  • "My favourite thing about Karma is that she's easily more intelligent than half the Kindred complaining about her dialect." - Liam Kincaid
  • "..." - Valrbjørn
  • "Bully? Karma has never once bullied me into anything. She has persuaded by using rational and well-articulated arguments. The volume and tone of her voice when she makes said arguments is really immaterial." - William Campbell
  • "Not an Anarch? For fuck's sake, I give up. I can't tell the Tower and Anarch Brujah apart anymore, she more competent an Anarch than some I've met who claim to actually be Anarchs." - Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni
  • "Keep fighting the good fight, Karma." - Malachi Salamanca
  • "I once tried to flirt with this glorious creature, too bad her guard dog attacked. Perhaps if I could get her away from him I could show her some true fun, but until then I am much too fond of my face." - Xavier Frost
  • Kincaid sings, "When a Setite slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry Nos. Stroke the furry Nos." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "She has potential, but is lacking in experience. After she spends enough time out of her comfort zone, she can try again." - Paolo Giovanni
  • "Oh, I know the type; all dire straits, good intentions, and bad consequences - just creating chaos to prove she's alive. She's an invitation to my personal disaster, with midnight confessions and blurred lines, and I am all about it." - Elend Valentine
  • "Unfortunate that she's clinging so tightly to this mess over that slaver. Liked her fine before all that nonsense." - Valentina
  • "She can be quite insightful if you take the time to filter through what she is saying." - Kevin Hagen
  • "The rising star shines most brightly; and we have not yet seen her pinnacle." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "The contrasts are interesting, honestly. At first glance, one would expect our chosen allegiances to be reversed. I wonder if we'll ever meet at closer distance than across a room, and what will happen if we do." - Jaguar
  • "A perfect example of a Brujah. Full of fiery passion, yet not given to lose control so easily. And quite capable of concealing her not inconsiderable cleverness and intelligence." - Dante
  • "She knows what she's about. Take the time to listen to what she's saying, you might learn something." - Talon Alenzia Komnenos
  • "Karma is the best. I can't believe she kept that fucking dog though." - Dicky Coughlin
  • "Would that she were one of mine. The young are going to be far saner than we are when they reach our age." - Sofiya Rurik
  • "She's easy to dismiss or overlook, because she's young and her idiolect is different from everyone around her...but frankly, when one takes the time to intepret what she's saying, there's a remarkable wisdom that really ought to be observed. A shame that so few cannot see past the outermost layer, no?" - Aodhan the Druid
  • "Je crois qu'Ovide l'a dit le mieux: Ils étaient tous dignes de gagner et, en tant que juge, je regrettais que tous leurs dossiers ne puissent pas réussir. Mais même alors, l'une d'elles me plaisait davantage, elle est, comme vous pouvez le deviner, celle par laquelle les attractions sont agitées. Ils voulaient tellement gagner: ils ont été tirés pour tenter mon jugement avec des cadeaux puissants." - Ludovic Pétion
  • "She does her deity proud. As long as she can keep his blessings distant from me, I do not expect us to quarrel." - Christopher Drake
  • "Alchemy and lots of magic made my tattoos, Karma. Still interested?" - Skoll
  • "Sure, she might sound trite and vapid, but she's the Brujah Primogen of Austin for a reason. It's a lot easier to hide a blade behind batting eyelashes and a smile than a snarl and a grimace." Luca Muscato
  • "She's loud, bold and always ready to throw down. She's a Brujah's Brujah." - Alice
  • "What an absolute delight. And though he knew her already, the confused look on my Prince's face was wonderful to behold." - Mary Kilian
  • "She knows how to party and she can hold her liquor. Ain't that the best part of these nights?" - Sal the Bartender


  • Is really a Malkavian that someone forgot to bring back home.
  • She's a lot older than she says.
  • The Cognoscenti believe after events in Tampa that Vox of the Sabbat owes his continued ability to wake each night to the restraint (literal restraint, mind you) that fellow clan members employed to keep Karma from ending his existence at her hands. After all - he killed her childer. Didn't he?
  • All the bright colors in her dress are just because she's actually colorblind.
  • You will regret pointing out she's colorblind.
  • Once beat up Tara Hodges for a pair of Louboutins to give to Vengeance for her birthday.
  • She falls in love with exactly the wrong person without fail.
  • Has been known to torpor fuckbois without hesitation.
  • Actually an Elder, with amnesia.


  • [1]The Doors, "Light My Fire"]
  • [2]Lorde, "Royals"]
  • [3]M.I.A., "Bad Girls"]
  • [4]Bob Marley, "Redemption Song"]
  • [5]Ke$ha, "TikTok"]
  • Ani DiFranco, "The Boys in Blue"




Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Kim H
VST: Daniel Briscoe

Player: [Kim H.]
MES Number: US2015080036
Location: Austin, TX