Karma Nyne

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Karma "Brought It" Nyne

Auspice: Galliard

Rank: Fostern

Pack: SquadGoals

Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta

Personality: <insert>

Looks: <insert>


History: <insert>

Background: insert>

My Pack, ie The Best

"President" - Philodox - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino

"Secretary - Theurge - Aiya "Dances With Blood" Kodachi

"Public Relations Coordinator" - Galliard - Chad "Bawn Treader" Scott

"Master at Arms" - Ahroun - Ragabash - Leah "Strides Forward, Shadow Dancer, Stalks Behind" Morningkill

"Sister" - Lil'est Sister - Theurge - Gentry "Does This Bounce"

"Sister" - Lil' Sister - Ahroun - Angelica "Big in Spirit" Henley

"Sister" - Lil'er Sister - Ahroun - Philodox - Emilia Blair "The Stormborn" Gellar

Keep on talkin' that Blah Blah Blah

  • Quotes here

Gossip B*tches

  • Was part of a literal cat burglar group in Sonoma County
  • Rumor here.

Character Inspirations

<insert inspirations>

OOC Information

Player: Christina Middleton

Player Email: chrismahass@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jay Durant

Storyteller Email: apocalypse.vst@unsun.org

Location: Santa Rosa, CA