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Commonly Known Information

Name: Karrek

Clan: Follower of Set

Notable Traits: On a path, Eerie presence: very visible fangs at all times, 5'00, Albino

Sect: Independent Alliance

Generation: 9th


Turned in the 1500's, he doesn't speak much of his past except to praise the vampire who turned him and those from his temple back home. His motivation for leaving his home in Egypt is unknown.

Karrek whole heartedly embraces the Path of Ecstasy and spends his day indulging in the many pleasures of life in his home, relaxing with the few humans he considers fun. Saint John is his residence for the time being and he enjoys watching the politics of city unfold while taking in his fill of bloodshed and excitment.

As of late he's been seen more and more in the presence of the Assamite Wolf and some Cam members and has been vocal about the merits of forging positive ties and friendships versus trying to backstab ones way to victory.


"kumquat is a good safe word because it can't be mistaken for innuendo."


- Rumoured/Suspected of being blood bound to the Assamite Wolf

OOC Information

Player: Shea Driscoll

Player Email: vantasticampura@gmail.com

Storyteller: Ness Klohn

Storyteller Email: masquerade.hodt@gmail.com

Location: Saint John, NB