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  • Kassandra and Svetlana are born to two Kin of House Wise Heart in Volgongrad, Russia.


  • Kass has her first prophetic vision after the dawning of the Red Star.


  • Kidnapped by Setites alongside Red Igorivich, Svetlana Vassos, and their mother, Toula Vassos. The group is taken to Saudia Arabia.
  • Toula Vassos is killed during an escape attempt. Svetlana is knocked out cold. Kass and Red undergo their First Change.
  • Red and Kass are sent to the nearest Sept for training. Yana is sent home to Russia.
  • Completes her Rite of Passage with Red and Ambrose Laskaris. Kass is deeded 'Tenebrous Harmony.' She is nine years old.
  • Kass returns home. Her aunt, Elizaveta Igorivich, takes it upon herself to teach the young Cliath about vampires. Learning about the enemy who took her mother away helps Kass process her mother's death.


  • Kass receives word from Ambrose Laskaris, now known as Silverheart, that he's joining a Pack called the Promethean Price. She moves Turkey and joins the Promethean Price along with Ambrose.
  • Ambrose directs Kass to his father, Aslan, to further her knowledge of the enemies of the Garou Nation. She becomes his eager student.


  • Continues learning from Ambrose about other enemies of the Nation, particular when his new mentor starts increasing the Lupus' knowledge beyond what Kass already knows.


  • Answers the call of the Black Furies to defend the Sept of Artemis and the Sept of Black Pegasus. She works alongside Seker's Light to securely move the Talons of the Wyrm. Losses are high. Aslan turns on the Gaian forces and kills is former Packmate.


  • Challenges for Fostern. Tasked with crafting tales of 5 different groups of strangers so well-told that their own Galliards are willing to spread Kass' version of the tale.
  • Fights at the Battle for the Sept of the Crescent Moon alongside the Promethean Price. Most of the Pack is wiped out and a new Pack forms known as Seker's Light.
  • Completes her Fostern Challenge with tales of what happened at the Battle for the Sept of the Crescent Moon.



  • Helps fight at the Battle of Siamese Ponds.





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