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Redback Spider
Katayo in Lilian Form
Katayo in Lilian Form

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Katayo (pronounced "kit-ah-yo")

  • Kata (pronounced "kaa-taa")
  • Kat (pronounced 'Cat') (typically spoken by Americans)

Deed Name: "Way of Silent Rain" or "Silent Rain" (for short)

Notable Traits: Facial features are covered by a hood over the head and a veil/face mask over the nose and mouth. Tends to wear a black, grey and/or red color scheme (when wearing clothing as a Homid).


Sept: Phoenix, AZ


  • Katayo is almost always in Crawlerling form, if she can get away with it, while using Mind Web to communicate with others.
  • When in Homid form, She typically wears a Japanese face mask (typical for current Japanese custom) and a black hooded cowl with long black hair spilling out from under it with simple yet functional clothing.
  • When in Lilian form, her upper body is clearly that of a human female torso with wild long black hair. Her fingers end in long wicked claws. And her pelvis transitions into an abdoment with 3 pair of long black spindly legs.
  • Her Crawlerling form is comprised of specific spider types, the bulk of it is the Redback Spider (Latrodectus Hasseltii). The remainder of the group is broken in 3 other species: the Bird Dung Spider, Diving Bell Spider (Mizugumo), Whore Spider (Jorogumo)


  • Is an Ananasi spy to destroy the Garou Nation from within.
  • Secretly services a Glass Walker as a personal informant.
  • Hates men and secretly kills any man who she can get alone with her.
  • In truth, she doesn't like males or females because she finds the 'human form' revolting.



Not much is known about Katayo as she rarely speaks, if ever. What is known is that she arrived from Osaka, Japan roughly around 2010 and, 5 years later, joined the Garou Nation. She is known to be a formidable warrior, highly trained in a variety of martial arts.

History (available for establishing background ties only)



OOC Information

Player: Mark Lucky

Player Email: Rend.the.Darkness@gmail.com

Storyteller: Connor Nigrovic

Storyteller Email: dmh.garou@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ