Kate Howard

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EvySmallPic.png Name: Kate Howard
Sabbat Position: Bishop of Information, Tarrent Diocese
Status Traits:

  • Initiated
  • Honorable
  • Battle Scarred

Physical Description: TBD

RP Role: TBD

Persona: TBD


Personal History

Logan Van Velzor was born to Dutch immigrants to France in 1895. The family worked a small farm in Haudainville where they grew wheat and raised geese. Logan spent much of his time as a child exploring the nature around him, interacting with those hard working residents of Northern France. The sudden start of the First World War forced Logan out of the farm and into the battlefield. His fighting reached a climax in the Battle of Verdun. Nathan Alexander, a business man and Malkavian, found Logan close to death after the battle. Nathan decided that the only way to save the worn torn boy’s life was to take him back to Switzerland where he would have access to medicine and safety. There, Logan began to find an interest in watch making.
Logan later enrolled in Neuchâtel to seek a degree in chemistry. There, he met an American: Dean Lapis. Dean and Logan struck up a romantic relationship and informally married shortly after their graduation in 1928. The timing of such an affair, however, jeopardized their safety in war torn Europe, and the two pleaded with Nathan to leave Switzerland. In 1939, they did so. However, London was bombed during their departure and both Dean and Logan were badly wounded. Knowing his worth as a business partner, Nathan elected to embrace Logan in the embers of London. Dean, on the other hand, was not resuscitated. Upon arriving in Louisiana, Logan and Nathan expanded their business. However, Nathan's connections quickly turned sour and he was forced to leave town at the behest of some unhappy customers. Given his absence, Logan decided to move nearer to an old friend in Dallas and engage with the Malkavian family. In September 2018, Logan became Primogen of the Dallas Malkavian family.

Quotes about Kate

  • "Put something here!" - You

Rumors about Kate

  • "Put something here!" - You

Evy Cowell

Clan: Toreador Anti
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Lone Star Nights (TX-058-D)