Katherine Hays

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Rush week.jpg

Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Katherine Hays
Deed Name: Rush Week
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Pack: The Band
Sept: Sept of Unearthed Silver
Appearance:shes' 5'5" and has a figure that could be described as maternal. The sort of kind, forgiving body that speaks to a high degree of comfort and a safe lap to cry into. Until you touch her, that is, and there is the distinctive musculature of someone who spends a lot of time doing intense physical activity.




  • In every form that isn't homid, she prefers to be as large as possible, when at all possible. This means her most common form- Hispo- is the size of a VW bus. She insists vocally that it's more comfortable this way.
  • Her first change occurred in her college dorm during the first week of classes.
  • She has never spoken of having a family, despite being well aware of Garou politics and traditions.

Notable Contributions

  • Katherine challenged for Wyrmfoe as soon as she landed in Denver
  • She subsequently took over as Alpha of The Band, bringing to heel a fairly eclectic mix of Garou and Fera
  • She led several successful strikes against BSDs in the area, including crippling Malfeasance, Inc.
  • She was administered the Satire Rite in a trial, and is now a Fostern.



More to Come!

Known Associates



"I'll just go ask the boss lady. See what she thinks. "
- Missy .

"She's got to be one of the most inspiring Ahrouns I've worked with. I hope we run in to each other again! "
- Sings in Defiance .

"Effective for a Garou. Knows when more questions need to be asked. Be warned, she will try to catch you so that she can paint your face."
- Ivan .
"There is only one Garou in the nation I completely trust, and that is Kathrine Hayes. She has learned many things from me and is an example the rest of the Garou should take notes from. The Wyrm would have already been defeated in history, if in said history more shifters worked as hard as she does."


  • Guy holds her purse when she goes into battle
  • She makes killer cupcakes

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Player Contact: Tizri Zelig
VST Contact: Conor Sexton