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Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness - Frank Gehry

Board and Batton...

Name: Katherine Moreau AKA The Architect

Notable Traits:

  • Arcane
  • Hidden Advantage



DISCLAIMER: This is a female PC, played by a female player. Consent is not tacit, please obtain. **Gray Hat**


  • Born 1752 – Desiree Brittain (not commonly known)
  • 1768 – ghouled unknowingly to The Conductor who became her Patron for the Arts
  • 1770 – Opera House opens
  • 1781 – Embraced by The Conductor – takes the name Katherine Moreau
  • 1788 – Responsible for the fire of the Palais Royal Opera House
  • 1788 - ? Travels with Sire until her release
  • 1900 – New York – inspires the designs of Louise Bethune
  • 1908 - Resides outside of the City of San Francisco, assisting in the reconstruction after the earthquake of 1906
  • 1915 - Creates designs for the Union Station of Phoenix Arizona and has them sent to her Sire to implemented
  • 1915-2020 – remains quietly outside of Tower Domains, within the various Nosferatu tunnels and warrens, designing infrastructure for boons and information- venturing out only rarely, to visit her pupils and occasionally her Sire

Exposed Rafters

  • Katherine and her Sire are at odds because she refuses to join the Tower
  • Katherine would do anything for her Sire, except give up her freedom
    • Or her identity
    • Or her humanity
    • Or her neutrality
  • The Conductor almost convinced Katherine to join the Tower...but something happened during the Nights of Turmoil that caused her to change her mind
  • Katherine is a Warren Builder
  • Katherine is a Spymaster
  • Katherine is an Assassin
  • Katherine really just likes a good hot toddy and a bad romance novel and to be left alone
  • Katherine has friends in all of the Sects
  • For the right price, Katherine will do business with anyone
  • Rumor here.


  • James Parcell and Katherine have worked together on several projects in the past, they seem to have a solid working relationship
  • Cristiano Gasparo di Giovanni and Katherine seem to have a strange fondness for one another, that only makes them more creepy to be around
  • Allies
  • Allies


  • Johann Prinz and Katherine have been at odds for centuries. Neither remembers why; each blames the other
  • Jozef Prinz - Katherine has little use for the foppish necromancer, nor he her. Clan animosity runs strong here
  • Rivals
  • Rivals


  • It's a pleasure to meet you, you must be very important. Why? Well because my Father introduced me to you, and he's a very busy man. You *are* a very busy man, aren't you, Father, otherwise you would return my letters...
  • I realize I've been dead for a while, but I believe I still have *two* feelings, and you've just hurt both of them. Please excuse me, I have to find someone to console me now, where's Jimmy?
  • You don't try to climb into bed with me, I don't try to climb into bed with you, and everyone will be happy...unless you are Johann...who spends his entire existance climbing into and out of people's beds..
  • Ms. Moreau has an impeccable eye for beauty, for she understands that true beauty begins at the roots. -James Parcell
  • My daughter's natural gifts have only been enhanced through the centuries. She is the paragon of her craft and could be so much more...if only she would accept the gifts her father offers as well as those she was born with. -The Conductor
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OOC Information

Player: Charmain Hopkins

Player Email: Charmain.Hopkins@gmail.com

Storyteller: Wade Yorke

Storyteller Email: dmh.camarilla.vst@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ