Kathleen Bancroft

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Name: Kathleen Bancroft
Clan: Followers of Set
Generation: 11th
Sect: Independent Alliance

"Interesting, an exotic scent, floral, perfume and... oh my... oh you are a lucky woman..." - Trash Panda
"I enjoy her company, and the company of such a large snake as well. I swear she just needs to let loose" - Princess
"I saw that spark the first time we met. I see a greatness that can come from that quiet storm that is Kathleen Bancroft." Olivia Blether
"I had never met a Follower of Set still on a path of Humanity. I wonder how the others feel about that." - Trip Line
"Vampirism affects everyone differently, for me, it made me loud and well, louder. For her, it made her introspective. She's either going to rip the head off a child and scream maniacally one day, or she'll kidnap a choir for a pot luck. I can't wait to see which one happens." - Mordechai

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Kathleen Bancroft

Domain: MES Virtual
Player: Mahesh Mohan
Email: lascielgard@gmail.com
VST: mes-virtual-anarchindy-staff@googlegroups.com
MES Number: US2014110015
Location: Staten Island, NY