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I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. - Buddha


Name: Katie Roman
Aliases:Katerina Romanov, Katie Long-Legs, Hanabi, Namihara Akako, Akako
Deed Names: Blades of Rapture
Tribe: Kitsune
Breed: Kojin
Auspice: Eji
Rank: Cliath
Position: None.
Pronouns: Katie's pronouns are she/her..
Notable Traits: Scars across her right eye and cheek, Tattoo of the Kitsune Glyph on the side of her neck, and the Kanji on the back of her neck, dermal piercings above her left eyebrow.


Description: Katie is a pretty girl who appear to be in her late teens, despite the silver streaks that glitter in her dark hair. Her wide, whiskey-brown eyes are always lined with black (though it appears to be natural, not makeup) and framed by a chestnut mane of curls, streaked with red the same color as her fur. Katie has a tall, broad shouldered, and solidly muscular build with generous curves. She is usually clad in jeans, boots, and tank-tops. Katie appears to be comfortable in any environment she might be placed in, with a ready smile and easy laugh.

Personality: Her sunny personality, and a penchant for having no idea what the word stranger means, Katie easily makes friends wherever she finds herself. Though she has confirmed her Kojin birth, Katie is often confused for being Roko due to her playful nature, impulsiveness, and insatiable curiosity (though if one digs far enough back in her lineage, on both sides it stems from a Roko line).

The First Casualty of War is Innocence.

Trained to be an Eji from the time she was a small child, Katie is a master swordswoman, and nasty brawler. Her Eji temper is a slow burn, unlike the quick tempers found among Ahroun Garou. Once roused, though, the young Vixen is a force to be reckoned with despite her relative youth and low rank.




Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, creeds follow one another, but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons, a possession for all eternity. - Oscar Wilde

  • "The youngest of the women born into my life, she is my walker of the path of daggers. Upon the bladed precipice of life's fierce joy and violence, she dances and carves her way like the lava her Path embodies. Like her sisters before her, she is everything a Kitsune is meant to be, and I am fiercely grateful to know her love."Grace of Heaven
  • "Katie is the sun to my moon. She walks a path destined to raze everything in its path, as lava often does. My little sister is a beautiful creation, full of life, warmth, and comfort. She would, quite literally, move the earth for her family. Just as I would torment the very soul of anyone who dared to harm her."Ava Douglas
  • "Katie Long-Legs...Lordy that child. I spend half my time pulling her out of fights she don't need to be in or following her into fights she won't let go. Not cause she's an angry soul, you ain't met a sweeter child. But she's noble and shit, she's got principles. And since we share a house and she keeps me from starving to death, the least I can do is back her up. Not that she needs me...but it never hurts to have an escape Bird."Delilah Carter
  • "A bundle of energy that is ... breath-taking to witness. She revels in joy, sinking her teeth into the marrow of life. She is what the foxes were made for."Remembers the Dance
  • "Hanabi is the epitome of 物の哀れ... Everything she is heightens the beauty of life, its fleeting nature, and the appreciation of it"Flux
  • "Katie makes you want to be better, which is an excellent quality in a sparring partner and in a friend. Lava doesn't just burn - it glows, and with people like Katie in it, the world looks a whole lot brighter."Reverie Jones
  • "I'm well aware Katie doesn't like me. I've done what I can, done my best to help her, but...I can't blame the animosity of a daughter toward an unfamiliar woman coming in and out of her father's life. Still, just like Arata...Nikita...she is family. I will always be there if she needs me, even if she might never admit that she does."Inara Elwyn
  • "Along my path so far, I have not had my own cubs. But I have been very fortunate to have a particular Fox kit tumble into my life for a time. I adore Katie, and watching her become the person she is today brings me a deep happiness, and a fierce desire to protect and help her on her own journey. "Denali Deep-Song
  • ""My precious little grandchild Katie and I have much in common. We both follow the path of fire and are close to our inner fox. May she learn and grow strong. She shall someday take my place protecting this family. ""Sarah "Clean Plate" Romanov
  • "Katie is like... weponized cheerfulness. It's actually kind of unsettling when it's aimed in your direction..."Darius Morningkill
  • "Her exuberance is a stark reminder of a world long gone. To be born with a noble heart in these times is a curse; she will endure much suffering in her life because of it." - Weathers the Storm
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  • Katie, is actually a pacifist and will never strike another living creature.
  • Cursed at a young age, she has had to live through the death of the one she loves most each lifetime she has been through.
  • The scars she bears were self inflicted while deep within the throes of Harano
  • Is the greatest Warrior of the Beast Courts, but has never been given recognition due to a rival Stargazer Galliard that makes her accomplishments belong to others.
  • Katie seduced a Garou to get her foot in the door with the Concordat.
  • She doesn't trust Garou to maintain control of their tempers, and fears another Fera/Garou war
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Katie Roman

Player: Original Bee
Auspice: Eji
Tribe: Kitsune
Camp: None
Position: Wyrmfoe
Rank: Cliath
Pack: Moreau's Menagerie
Sept: Sept of the Crimson Rock
VST: Columbus VST

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