Katie Vermillion

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Notable Traits and Talents: Soothing Presence, Accomplished tattooist

Society: Fianna Kinfolk

Sept: Sept of Gathering Tides, San Juan, PR

Gender: Female [She/Her/Hers]

Apparent Age: 26

Actual Age: 26

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Red, long, curly

Eyes: Blue

Build: Curvy

Born on Valentine's Day in 1994, Katie has always been one to embrace love. She was a kind child and always tried to make sure that others around her felt welcome. She was always interested in drawing and painting, she was always her most enthusiastic at her art classes. She soon found that she also had a talent for it.

Her family was always there for her and she learned what it was to be a member of the garou society as a child. She was never really pleased with her status as kin though. She always thought it would be a lot more fun to be able to not have a job and to basically just rely on the kinfolk to support you.

Katie graduates high school and ends up going to college for Art History and Design. She makes the most of not being under the thumb of Garou Society, Katie plays a little fast and lose with the rules. She ends up learning tattooing on the side, first by beginning to teach herself the old school styles. Her college career comes to an end when she realizes one wild night has brought her another mouth to feed. She decides to apprentice her self and raise her child outside of Garou Society for a time. Her son, Bazaleel, becomes her focus for the next five years. It is only after discovering that the father of her child is Garou and in Puerto Rico, that she decides to go and introduce the two.

KVMarker.png Has an inherent distrust for lap dancers.
KVMarker.png Has no tattoos.
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KVMarker.png "She was a fleeting acquaintance. Then she shows up with little Baz in tow, have to say I didn't expect it. I was still in mourning, but with her help, I began healing again. She helped me see the rainbow again." - Damage Control
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KVMarker.pngDamage Control Father of her son, Bazaleel



Player: Cali C.

Email: Hit me up.

Story Teller: Apoc Virtual VST

Location: Clearwater, FL